What Is The Truth About Affiliate Marketing Reviled
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From Cold Traffic To Eager Buyers And Followers

What can you really expect from your traffic? What is the truth about affiliate marketing? How many of those who visit you website really opt in with their email?

What kind of mindset do you need as an affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur ?

How many of those who opted in are going to buy from you? Have you ever thought about the real truth about the numbers?

There are two ways to get traffic.

Paid Traffic

  • You pay $100 for 100 clicks / visitors to your website / opt in page. (NOT Opt Ins / Leads)
  • A fair amount of Opt Ins would be around 20 %

The traffic would be delivered within 7-14 days. This kind of traffic is for one time only. You need to pay for more traffic every time.

You need to make sure this is valid traffic, real traffic. Therefore, you should only buy traffic from a secure source.

The best option is to leverage on programs that will handle this for you in a proper manner.

Which make a done for you solution genius  is that you have the liberty to choose between done for you funnel and custom funnel.

You can literally let the program do all the work for you.

Only thing you have to do is to drive traffic to the opt in page. And the email list is yours!

Or you can do all the work with product selection, marketing, follow-ups for your self.

The choice is yours. You can choose to buy traffic, or use free traffic methods.

You can however use a traffic marketplace. However, you need to know exactly what you are looking for and make sure you don’t getting scammed.

You need to know what you are doing if you choose to go down this road!

Free Traffic

  • SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Use of social media and internet forums
  • “The whole sandbox”

If you take this road, you definitely need a program teaching you how to write quality content, how to get indexed in Google Bing and Yahoo.

You Need Proper Tools

You also need to learn how to make a website, and how you promote your business.

The best part is that you learn how to build up a business from scratch with easy to follow instructions.

You will learn how to choosing a niche, how make a website and how to drive traffic to your website.

If you do your job, you will obtain a flow with quality traffic. Here is the tool gthat  I personal use for the job: Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to try out Jaaxy and see how easy it is to use!

The downside with this method? It’s take a lot of time and it’s hard work. But hey, you build a business here!

But if you want to learn how to properly advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Quora and other social media forums, you need someone who can show you how to do this properly.

Like Dave And His Instructors On His Team.

What Is The Truth About Affiliate Marketing?

What Is The Truth About Affiliate Marketing Reviled

It’s A Numbers Game.

Have you ever thought about products claiming that it’s possible to make $500, $1000 $2000, and even more a month, is a scam, or get-rich-quick scheme?

Of course, you have. And even though you really don’t know how the process behind the product, or who it’s intended for, you have written about it and presented in a way, telling people it’s not possible to make that kind of money, and it’s a scam.

What is the truth about affiliate marketing? How to make money with affiliate marketing?

The products work, But YOU not WORKING!

People are screaming scams all over the internet because the majority will fail to have an online business.

People expect to write some post, get immediately results and begin to make $100s of dollars.

it dos not work that way. You need to prepare for loosing money in the beginning.

You need to be willing to use hundreds of hours of hard work. Be glad if you make $5 in an hour the first 2-5 years! Are you prepared to write over 400 posts?

are you prepared to write at least 5 – 6 posts a day to get quality targeted free traffic? Are you prepared to invest money to earn money?

If not you better find a regular day to day job and have a boss pushing you around.

When you have website authority, enough traffic and buyers you will succeed. But it takes time, hard work and consistency.

Be prepared to fail several times before you succeed. Only then and if you are still in the game, you can start earning six and seven figures online and can call yourself a super affiliate.

The Key To Success

Just remember your WHY. Why are you doing this? Is it a hobby, or do you seek enough abundance to never work again? keep your WHY in mind every time you fail and keep pushing forward to your reach your goal.


It’s easy to promote a product and say you won’t recommend the product because of hidden fees or high Upsells. I have fallen into this trap as well.

Guess what gives you money as an affiliate marketer?

The Upsells, especially the high end products. And recurring Commissions. That is your bread and butter.

Upsells Are Good For You

You can make $20 recurring commissions on the front end products and even several thousand dollars on the high ticket offers.

The Power Of Email Marketing

If you have an email list with 40 000 subscribers and 20 of them buy from you, it’s easy to see its possible to make 1000s of dollars online.

If 2 of 20 buyers buying a product worth of $2000 dollars, you have cashed in $4000 that month.

If you decide to buy 3 clicks to your opt in page only one of them will opt in. In general.

The numbers are not set in stones here. Even though they opted in, there is no guarantee they will buy your product….

you need to get a relationship with your subscribers. They need to learn to know, like and trust you.

That’s where the follow up campaign comes into place! You need to email your list frequently, at least 4 times a week with the same offer. At least. Plus You need to offer them value in your emails as well.

They need to get used to your frequency and when they can expect your emails. Sooner or later they will buy from you.

you can expect 30 cents return for each subscription on your email list. So you have used $3 on paid traffic to make 30 cents.

But sooner or later, it will even out and you will start to make money.

This is why top sellers can claim they earn thousands of dollars each month. Because they have an email list they can promote high ticket offers to.

You can also achieve numbers like this. But you have to work hard and smart. You have to be consistent.

You have to get a lot of traffic and learn how to convert them into leads.

I highly recommend this book to increase your traffic. You’ll learn how to leverage free and paid traffic and how the process works.

Traffic Secrets

You Can Get Your Free Copy Here. (You Only pay for Shipping)

This means you need to building your list. I recommend using of Aweber.

They are widely used and can incorporate with the most programs out there. A lot of serious programs out there recommend Aweber.

To Kickstart Your Email Campaign I Wish To Offer You Thiss FREE Ebook!

Download Your Free Ebok Here! 

Do you have your own list or do you leverage on someone else’s? Where do you get your traffic from? Do you have any higher, or lover conversion rates? I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Final Words

Everyone can make money online. I have even show you how to getting started for FREE. How far you are willing to go is totally up to you.

I have showed you the truth about affiliate marketing and what it takes to make big money on it.

But to succeed online and have it as a full time business you need to follow surten steps, invest in a coach and even pay for advertising and traffic.

You should take advantage of this tool below and learn the proper way of making a website, keyword research, and SEO.

That´s important skills to master to succeed with an online business. Try it out and see how easy it is.

If you’re worn out, tired and sick of all the scams online, Have A Look At This Alternative To Make Money Online That Actually Works.

(Get started totally free– without credit card).

This will complete my blog post and answering the big question, what is the truth about affiliate marketing?

I sincerely hope you have actually discovered a bit more about the opportunities around this website.

now you should be able to make a much better decision whether some services and products can assist you and your financial resources or not.

Have you ever tried out online business or building your own website before? What do you think its the truth about affiliate marketing? And how to make money on affiliate marketing?

I wish to become aware of your experience and your opinions by you leaving me a comment below.

Oh, if you have any advice on the topic, and can answer what is the truth about affiliate marketing? Please feel free to share them as well.

Please, Do Me A Favor

If you like this post and if you have some additional answers to the question, what is the truth about affiliate marketing? Please comment, and share this with your friends, colleagues and family members.

If you seek out more helpful offers, reviews and articles that will provide your business with other opportunities to reach your new goals, please let me know.

If you wish me to do a surten product review in the making money online niche, or write an article that is built around that, let me know and I will do my best to oblige your request.

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Where You Should Begin Your Journey

Don’t worry. I will guide you in the right direction.

Follow people who have already achieved their core desire. Don’t reinvent the wheel. don’t work harder. Work smarter!

An another advice that I want to share with you is to invest in systems that gives you the core elements on how to make money online.

I have support from established entrepreneurs in all kinds of field from all over the world!

Are you smart enough to learn and let someone teach you how you can achieve your core desire?

Before You Leave…

If you decide to jump on board and join my team, I will hold your hand and guide you whenever you’re stuck. You’ll never be alone!

All The Best,

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16 thoughts on “what is the truth about affiliate marketing”
  1. Thank you for the information you provided in your article.  You have provided a shortcut to get traffic, i.e. to pay for the traffics.  Of course, there is no guarantee that the one who enter your website will buy the product you promote.  Anyway, this is an option for the online marketeer to judge whether it is worthwhile to buy it.  Now, I am adopting the second method, i.e. join WA.  You are correct that the downside of this method is the requirement of a lot of time and hard work you invest.  I think I still need some time to learn more about this business especially the techniques to promote more traffics.

    Looking forward to reading more about your content.


    1. You very welcome Dolbe. In my opinion there is a surten way to boost traffic to your website, or to your optin page with payed advertising, or paying for clicks. This is an effective method for getting traffic, combined with organic traffic through Google and SEO.

      The downside as mentioned, is there are no guarantees for somebody will opt in, or buying from you. But, yes, you need to make sure that you buying traffic from a secure source. 

      Be part of the Wealthy Affiliate is a smart choice where you have the right tools to make great success with your business. 

      All the best, 


  2. Hmm! Really tough ones you have provided here as alternatives in affiliate marketing. Paid traffic does the wonders but then, there are instances where the paid traffic does not generate the right amount required for it to truly generate. Hence, there is a need to combine the two method which deals with involvement of WA too. To be honest, having this two together alone would help us to get up on track here. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Thanks

    1. I believe payed traffic is an alternative many affiliate marketers and email marketers, to name a few, skipping. And therefore miss out some amount of traffic and more importantly subscribers. One thing is to have thousands of people visiting your website, but what if they visit you one time and don’t buy from you? 

      What if they buy one product and that’s it? And they never visit your website again? That is why it’s important to grab their email address as soon as possible so you can provide more offers and let your subscribers know when you have new content on your site. 

      It is easier for you to convert your subscribers into returning visitors. 

      The thing with payed traffic is that you get the numbers of traffic you pay for. But the crucial thing is you need to know where and how to get quality traffic. People tend to get scammed. The result is that people in the internet business getting sceptical about it. 

      In my opinion is also your best option to get fast traffic and quality traffic is to combined those tools you get from Wealthy Affiliate and the 12 Minutes Affiliate. 

  3. Affiliate marketing is a very good business, I’ve been into it for quire a while now and I can tell you that it is very lucrative if you can learn how to do it right and appropriately. Traffic is the life of any business or rather website, any website that doesn’t have visitors is of no good than dead, so to me, getting traffic and also having a good content quality to your website is very important.

    1. I’m totally agree with you. You need a quality content to get quality organic traffic to your website. Especially if you focus on free traffic sources. That’s why you should focus on free traffic methods and use social media and internet forums for all it’s worth.

      And a big mistake many people do is not to interact with the comments and visitors at their website. 

      The formula for getting success online is traffic ===> Autoresponder ===> Offers ===> $$$ 

      So easy, but so hard. 

  4. Hello Fred, you have said a lot about affiliate marketing and truly I have taken note of its of them during my course of training to be an online entrepreneur. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of calculation and so many things needs to be learned about it to avoid mistakes on the long run. I am till undergoing training at wealthy affiliate and this article has added a lot more to my understanding of affiliate marketing. Good to be here 

    1. I’m glad this was informative for you Benson. That’s my main goal to help and provide with good information. The training structure at Wealthy Affiliate is easy to follow course, and is the best way to go if you planning to start your very own business online from scratch and want a business for years to come. 

      Then when you are ready you can invest in other courses as well and incorporate more tactics into your business. 

      But take the courses step by step, use the things that is right for you and seek information. You will make it. 

      Consistency is the key! 

  5. This is very precise and also very well written. Getting traffic on your website is one of the most important things of affiliate marketing but more than that is the truth of it the traffic is really working. Are they doing what we want, are they subscribing to out email lists, are they buying the products we have on ground. These are all very important when it comes to affiliate marketing. I am a part of the wealthy affiliate community and I can tell that it truly has given a good solution.

    1. Traffic is the lively hood of our business. But traffic, followers and so on aren’t worth enything if they are not buying. The more traffic, the more people will opt in. The more subscribers, the more is the chances of making a sale.

      You need to get to know your audience. Make them trust you. You can have people on your email list along time before they decide to buy from you. 

      Wealthy affiliate, is a great solution for those who want to learn how to make their own website and build up an online business. It’s a fantastic training tool for getting traffic through your content. 

      Content is king! 

  6. Hello. Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us.

    I’m new in this industry of affiliate marketing but i want to say that joining on Wealthy Affiliate platform was my best decision ever. All of the sites I created need traffic to survive. If I manage to have many visitors then my online business will be successful. As you said, the quality of the content is the most important. I can say that the quality of the content is the mirror of the website traffic. 

    This article has helped me learn a lot of new things and I hope to see more of this. If you don’t mine, i will share this post on my social media account. I have a lot of friends who are trying affiliate marketing and need more useful information’s .

    1. Congratulations on a wice decision to join Wealthy Affiliate program. You will learn everything you need to know to grow your business from scratch, and get quality traffic over time. Remember to be consistent with your content and provide quality content. 

      You are very welcome to share my content with everyone you desire. I’m glad this article gave you valuable information about affiliate marketing business. 

      Thats my main goal to help people in online business. 

      All the best. 


  7. Hi, Fred.  I like your post.  I am a new affiliate marketer, who also is a member of Wealthy Affiliate, one of your recommended programs.  I have certainly considered all of the points you discuss as part of the process of deciding on the best method for me to make money through Internet marketing.  I liked that you make your points and move on.  I like your directness in how you discuss each point without cluttering up the discussion  with unnecessary and irrelevant chatter, like so many other bloggers do.  I received pertinent instruction with each point you discuss, along with  pointers to follow-up through my own research.  I also found your recommendations to be worth looking at.  I will definitely, as you say, share the love with others.

    1. Hello bjgteach.

      Thanks for dropping by, and thank you so much for your kindly words. I highly appreciate it. It’s thanks to people like you I do what I do. 

      Great choice of program. At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn everything you need to know about organic traffic and websites monetization. 

      People who appreciate my work and seek out knowledge and indeed are after legitimate ways to making money online as well as offline. People who want to start out a business for them self. That’s my main targeted traffic. 

      I think personally the reason why many bloggers have so much unnecessary chatter in their content is because they are more focused on writing content for Google and getting indexed. Instead of writing for their followers. 

      It’s better to have a 600 words quality content versus 2000 words content with poor quality. 

      I wish you all the best with your journey at Wealthy Affiliate, and a wonderful 2020 for you and your business. 

      All the best, 


  8. How to get high traffic is really not easy, let alone turn to effective traffic. I have never used the method of sending messages via email. For me, many emails are deleted without reading them at all. Therefore, I think others will not look at it. It seems I have to change my mind. thanks for youre sharing.

    1. It’s not easy at all. If you don’t take care of your email list, you loose the ability to promote more to your potential customers which is already warm traffic. You need to get your subscribers to trust you and your brand. Here it comes down to copy writing and email swipes.

      Thats the beauty of the 12 Minutes Affiliate Program. Devon Brown and his team have done a fantastic job to make all the swipes you ever need. Just integrate the program to your email responder and the program send out everything automatically. 

      Remember it takes about 7 times from the customer are represent a product to they are ready to buy. That’s why it’s important to email them several times in a well planned order. 

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