What Is The Commission Code

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What Is The Commission Code

Introduction Of The Commission Code

What Is The Commission Code? When the claims are too good to be true, then you should proceed with caution. The problem is that the internet is full of companies making these outrageous claims yet have nothing solid to back them up.

Many people get hooked because they see the dollar signs or their dreams coming true. What they do not see is that these companies are like the wizard of Oz. There is no magic formula, just a man behind the curtain manipulating everyone else.

To learn more about The Commission Code just continue to read our article. It explores this company so you know what to do when you see its ads or the positive websites that dominate the internet when you search for information.

What Is The Commission Code


Product Name: The Commission Code

Product Type: Training to create an online business

Creator: Bill McRea or Ben Martin (we do not know which as both names are used on different websites)

Created– 2015ish

Best For: Bill McRea or Ben Martin (no one!)

Price: $9 or $9.95

* UPSELL 1- a monthly fee of $47

* UPSELL 2– emarketing tool at $15 a month

* UPSELL 3– single solo ads source $275 and up

Recommended: NO!

Website: http://www.thecommissioncode.com/

What Is The Commission Code (TCC)

The best way to describe this online business opportunity is that it is a list building training to help you make more money per day than you would at a traditional job. The claim is that you can make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each day just by working a few minutes on those days.

There are a lot of positive websites on the internet giving glowing reviews about this training. Unfortunately, they are mere shills looking to make a buck or two off of your joining the program.

One of the red flags that come up is that these positive reviews say the founder is a Ben Martin while the negative reviews say that the founder of this company is a Bill McRae.

You can’t go to the website to find out for sure who is the man behind this scheme (another red flag) as it is just a landing page and you have to sign up to get more details ( a third red flag).

In essence, TCC is designed to help you create your own online business where you are promoting different products through Clickbank or the TCC training itself. The problem is that you may be using the seller’s name and affiliate link and not your own.

That means you do not get credit for the sales, if they come, and you are merely being used by Ben Martin or Bill McRea to make money for them.

Who Is TCC For? And Who Has Benefit Of TCC?

The sad truth is that this company and claims are not for you. They are mere hype to get you to sign up and pay that small initial fee of $9 to start your 14 day trial. While that seems to be a bargain, you are not really getting anything for that $9.

There are claims that there is some training involved but there are no specifics about that training. You are supposed to be taught how to create your own online business but from what we can see, that training remains a state secret until you start paying money.

When that happens you know that the only person or people who are going to benefit will be Ben Martin or Bill McRea and their direct employees. It is not going to be you, especially if you are using their affiliate link and name.

While some positive review websites claim this is a real person, that still remains to be seen and proven true. Many of these companies do hire actors through Fiverr and similar websites to portray them on the ads and web pages.

This program is for Ben Martin or Bill McRae.

Who Is TCC NOT for?

One thing is for certain, it is not for you or for those people who have little cash to spare. The $9 initial fee sounds cheap and it is one of the cheapest fees you will find on the internet when you come across these internet websites. Anyone can afford that amount of money.

But that is just the hook as after you sign up you will be pressured into spending more money to get access to more training or other benefits. The $47 monthly fee also sounds good but that is every month whether you make a sale or not.

Then you have to pay more money every month to use the different tools and ad services that are supposed to generate a tremendous amount of wealth the company claims you will make each day.

If you cannot afford to lose that money every month then this program is not for you. On the other hand, if you do have that kind of money to lose each month then you do not need this program. You already know how to make money.

How Does TCC Work?

First, if you have used or read about the following programs, Click Wealth, 12 Minute Affiliate, Perpetual Income 365, and Passive Profit Pages, then you know what TCC is all about and how it will work. TCC is similar to all of those get-rich-quick schemes.

On the landing page, you have to listen to a 5-minute video and then go through a 4 step training process. The problem is that the supposed training is about 5 minutes long for each segment. Not a lot of training when other similar companies offer 50 videos lasting 10 to 20 minutes and up to an hour long.

Those training courses tell you how to set up your Clickbank account, pay for and use an auto responder and the last one tells you about how to get traffic. The issue here is that when you use the auto responder and pay for it, you are not using your personal affiliate link or name. You will be using Mr. Mcrea’s or Martin’s links and names.

What that means is that you are covering the expenses for the founder while he gets the commissions. The way you make money is that you are supposed to get a 50% commission on the initial $9 every time you get someone to sign up.

But you need to sign up 250 people every month just to make $25 profit over your expenses. Then to make that $4.50 for every sign up you have to change the affiliate link from the founder to yours.

What Can TCC Do For You?

Again, the sad truth is absolutely nothing. This program or online business opportunity is set up to send all the money to the founders, whoever that may be. You will be lucky to make expenses if you get any commission at all.

This program is designed to send all the money to the founder and we are not even sure if it is a real person or not. There are too many companies like this hiding behind an actor for us to be confident Bill McRea or Ben Martin are the real owners.

This program will put you in more debt or drain your bank account if you have any money n it. Basically, what you are signing up to do is pay the expenses for the founders while they get to reap all the benefits from your ads, emails, and other strategies you employ to supposedly make money.

You will find a lot of positive reviews on different website landing pages, we read a couple of them, but those people are not representing any product they can make a lot of money from.

They are just trying to get that 250 people to sign up each month so they can cover their expenses. That is if those landing pages are created by real people like you. They may be fronts created by the founders to trick people into signing up.

The Purpose Of TCC

To be blunt this product, the TCC training is designed for one purpose only. To make money for the founder or owner. There is no other purpose that can be seen once you go beyond the hype and take a very close look at the system.

That statement is supported by the fact that you are paying the money only to send out emails and ads in the founder’s name and have people click on his affiliate links. You are not getting any benefits, any real training and you certainly are not constructing and operating your own online business.

Remember you are not representing any products that you have chosen nor are they in your name. You are not going to get those riches promised by this company.

How to Use TCC

Using this system is very simple. You go to their website, provide your email address and name, pay your money and you are in at the member’s dashboard. Then you should watch the video and click on each training step before you move to the next step of the process.

After your training, you should know how to set up a Clickbank account, use an auto responder, and spend money on solo single source ads. Once you purchase those tools you are ready to start sending out email ads that may never be seen and end up in the spam folder of the intended recipient.

It sounds quite simple until you read the small print at the button of the landing page which states: “and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.”

In other words, they are saying that their promises and claims are not true and the only person making that type of money is the founder. Using the system is quite easy but it is a lot like trying to get your car moving when it is stuck on a patch of ice or a lot of mud.

There is a lot of spinning the wheels but you are going nowhere.

The Beauty And The Ugly

Before you make the leap and sign up, make sure to read the pros and cons. These little itemized points present the best picture of what the company is all about and what it represents.

If you are undecided on what you should do, these little points should help move you one way or the other:


There is absolutely nothing good about this company or its training. The promises and hype are totally false and apply to one person only and that person is not you. Try as we might we found not one good thing about this program that can be used as a positive.

There are no products to represent and you are not getting any commissions when you send out those ads.


  • you are paying the expenses while the founder reaps the profits
  • no real training
  • no products to represent and make a commission
  • a similar program to other internet companies offering to help you make lots of money online
  • the founder may or may not be real

Final Verdict

If you have read this What Is The Commission Code article you should come to an conclusion. When the claims are too good to be true, then you should proceed with caution. The problem is that the internet is full of companies making these outrageous claims yet have nothing solid to back them up.If any company in this type of industry deserves to be labeled a scam, this is the poster boy for that tag. This is nothing but a scam to get you to pay all the expenses while the owner gets all the commissions.

We go into these reviews looking to be fair and honest but there is nothing positive that can be said about this online business opportunity. The website does not offer any transparency nor does it have any place for you to get any real support.

The supposed training is designed to get you to send out emails and ads in the sender’s name only cannot be considered anything but a joke. The best thing you can do is make money through traditional jobs and avoid this opportunity.

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Where You Should Begin Your Journey

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Another advice that I want to share with you is to invest in systems that gives you the core elements on how to make money online.

I have support from established entrepreneurs in all kinds of field from all over the world! Are you smart enough to learn and let someone teach you how you can achieve your core desire?

Before You Leave…

This will complete the post. I hope you have actually discovered a bit more about different opportunities and can make a much better decision whether those services can assist you and your financial resources or not.

Have you ever tried out, or any comparable service before? I wish to become aware of your experience by commenting below.

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