What Is Exitus Elite?

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What is Exitus Elite? Exitus Elite is a program that helps you build wealth for tomorrow. It includes marketing, personal development, and health and wellness training.

It also offers digital products you can resell for profit. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn how to start a business online, Exitus Elite may be for you.

In this review I’m going to dig deep into Exitus Elite.

I’m going to reveal the details so that you can take an informed decision if this is something that you should invest your money on, earning potential and who it’s for. Most importantly who it’s not for.

Created in 2014 by Paul Stevenson, Exitus Elite is a paid program that teaches members how to make money online in many different ways.

Matter of fact, Stevenson is a successful digital entrepreneur with over 25 years in the Sales and Home-Based Business realm.

This membership program entails several lessons complete with videos that are designed to help you break into the online realm.

Do you keep hearing about people making money online without any clues as to how?

Do you keep getting told that there are many ways to make money online and you wonder what those are?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you’ll find great value in Exitus Elite.

To that effect, I’m going to be talking about this program, explaining a few things including who it is for, the various packages it comes with, its pros and cons, as well as how to get started with it.

Then I’ll wrap up with my final verdict.

Exitus Elite Is A Marketing, Personal Development, Professional Development, Health & Wellness Program

Exitus Elite is a marketing, professional development, personal development, health & wellness program that promotes affiliate memberships.

It is designed to help people succeed online, by removing barriers to entry. The program provides pre-made website templates and landing pages that can be used to start a profitable business.

The program also claims to help people increase their income and overcome the obstacles that hinder their success.

The program’s founder, Paul Stevenson, resides in Brighton, UK. He has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing and is considered an expert in the field of online marketing.

He has experience working at both the corporate level and as a distributor/affiliate. Exitus Elite was founded in 2014.

As a member, you can earn residual income by referring people to the program. You will receive commissions for each referral you bring in.

The program is extremely popular with affiliate marketing companies selling digital products. However, this compensation plan is not suited for everyone.

Exitus Elite is a new online marketing program that promotes a network marketing business. It costs anywhere from $149 to $2399 to become a member.

It includes various products in the marketing, personal development, and health & wellness industries.

Exitus Elite Teaches You How To Build Wealth For Tomorrow

The Exitus Elite training program is a membership program that requires a one-time payment for access to its online training platform and tools.

The training material is expensive and requires a one-time fee plus your product package to access. But the positive is that you only pay once.

Exitus Elite claims to launch a new era of online income generation.

The program includes a full training program, replicated websites, landing pages, autoresponders, and more.

It is an all-in-one platform that provides training and tools for as long as you choose to use them.

During his search for the perfect opportunity, Paul Stevenson joined several companies.

However, he realized that most of them were lacking something. That’s when he decided to start Exitus Elite.

The program provides training materials, compensation plan, and a sales process that is designed to generate income from home.

Exitus Elite Overview

Product Name: Exitus Elite

Product Type: Membership training program

Creator: Paul Stevenson

Created: February 2014

Best for: Everyone who are willing to do what it takes to building a business

URL: www.exituselite.com


G100 Package: $100 + $49

G250 Package: $250 + $99

G500 Package: $500 + $199

G1000 Package: $1000 +$299

G2000 Package: $2000 + $399

Recommended: YES

What Is Exitus Elite?

Let me assure you that this is serious business with high income potential as long as you are willing to work for it.

Just like any other online opportunities out there.

Exitus Elite is a member to member opportunity, where you get access if a person sponsors you.

When the payment is confirmed you have access to the system.

Is This A Pyramid Scheme?

Before we move on, let’s talk about the big pink elephant in the room. Let’s face it. Many of you have concerns about this being a pyramid scheme.

People who doesn’t know the company, the compensation plan, or the product, often claim it’s a pyramid scheme.

I want to quote from a blog post written by Kevin Thompson, who is a MLM attorney. You can read the blog post in full here: Moving Away From Monthly Volume Requirements (“MVRs”).

” Income claims without disclosure is a problem. Yes. Absolutely. But it’s not the main element that drives a pyramid scheme argument. It’s important, not essential.

The main, underlying element that drives a pyramid scheme case is LACK OF LEGITIMATE DEMAND for product.

If people are purchasing product primarily to qualify for commissions, it’s known as OPPORTUNITY DRIVEN DEMAND and is proof of a pyramid. Period.”

Furthermore, : moving away from monthly volume requirements (“MVRs”).

Yes, the other areas are important too. Compliance, earnings claims, culture, properly coding customers, retail sales, all of it.

But this is the “one thing” that would dramatically make a difference. And it cannot be faked.

After Vemma, I wrote about companies having 3 choices.

Those choices: (1) doing nothing; (2) getting rid of monthly volume requirements altogether; or (3) if you’re going to have a monthly volume requirement, require some retail sales to go along with it.

The majority of companies chose option 1, and continue to choose option 1.

Understand, it’s not illegal to have MVRs that can be met via autoship and/or customer sales. We explain this concept to clients frequently.

But…there’s risk. And you need to understand the risk. And sadly, the influencers in our industry and the executives they serve have a financial incentive to make this risk as murky and gray as possible.

If everyone else is doing it, it makes it easier to maintain (and harder to stop).

Again, if your company has an MVR, it’s not illegal. It’s not clear proof of a pyramid.

But it just makes the FTC’s job that much easier to make pyramid scheme allegations. This is how it works:

The FTC can argue that the majority of distributors are subscribing to a monthly order just to hit the MVR to qualify for commissions;

The FTC can dig into the purchase patterns of both customers and distributors.

If a large percentage of the field purchases the minimum amount to meet the MVR, and if customers purchase product in smaller quantities and with less frequency, it’s further proof of inventory loading (pyramiding).

While it’s normal for distributors to purchase more product, the FTC will make the discrepancy look nefarious;

The FTC can cherry-pick the proof by pointing to several occurrences where people in the field improperly teach the MVR as a way to automatically qualify for commissions i.e. “Just get on autoship so you can safely qualify for your check.”

While you can do your best to teach the field proper terminology, there will be some (enough) that screw it up.

Since the FTC is not afraid to dig into your history dating back 7 years as they did against Advocare, it’s easy for them to find material helpful to their case.

I understand the arguments in favor of MVRs: distributors need to be on product for familiarity, it creates consistent volume in an organization, it helps corporate anticipate inventory amounts, it separates the serious networkers from the non-serious, it’s a minimal investment, it’s a reasonable expectation for distributors to buy from their own business…the list goes on.

I understand. But see above. With the requirement, the FTC can assume (“play dumb”) that the main driver for consumption is the MVR.

And with this assumption, they can use it to justify litigation.

Is MLM Business A Real Business?

Unfortunately, MLMs have gotten a bad reputation because there are plenty of scammers out there that pose as real MLMs.

They will force you to push recruitment without having any real product or service. To be honest, these types of businesses are giving real money makers a bad name.

But Exitus Elite is not a MLM, its not a pyramid scheme. In Other words, it’s a real business.

Exitus Elite a MLM Scheme?

No. You buy access to digital products. And to get access and to be eligible to reselling you pay an annual fee.

It’s a very common business model among several online opportunities and other training platform where you pay for online training.

Is Exitus Elite A Cash Gifting Scheme?

Cash gifting is when someone gives you money as a gift rather exchanging money for goods or services. Again you pay for digital products.

Therefore, it’s not cash gift scheme.

Exitus Elite Features

This program features a myriad of lessons and videos all geared towards making you successful online.

It also comes with a few webinars here and there that allow for one on one interaction with the creator and a few other digital entrepreneurship gurus, depending on the package you choose.

Here You’ll Find A Total Description Of Each Package

Other features available across the board include;

  • In-built autoresponder.
  • Personal bridge page where you introduce yourself or any promotion.
  • Lead captures pages with which you can capture leads.
  • Contact manager.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • Statistics.
  • Superior support.
  • High-tech back office with monitor teams.
  • HTML Embed, Aweber, and Getresponse integration.

The G100 Package

  • Internet Marketing in an Hour a Day

Discover tips & tricks to help build your internet business

12 Videos

  • Email List Secrets

How to build your lists the right way

10 Videos

  • Big Business Blueprint

How to build a successful online business

42 Videos

  • Facebook Live Blueprint

Learn how to use Facebook “Live” in your marketing

10 Videos

  • Crypto Currency Secrets

Millionaires can be made in this exciting new industry, discover the basic rights here.

8 Videos

The G250 Package

  • Big Ticket Machine

You want to hit the jackpot right and make a huge amount of money? Now you can learn the secrets of high-ticket success. This powerful course teaches you exactly how to build a profitable high- ticket business.

26 Videos

  • 10K Blueprint

Most people fail with Internet Marketing because they do not take consistent action. There is a solid and dependable method that has been working for many years and will continue to work in the future.12 Videos

  • List Building Profit Kit

These 8 comprehensive and detailed over the shoulder tutorial videos will give you the necessary edge to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

8 Videos

  • Evergreen Leads Business

With these video tutorials you will learn the ALL-TIME evergreen lead formula that will lure customer to your front door in masses, regardless of the economic condition.

15 Videos

  • Modern Email Marketing

In this course you will discover how to stay in control of your access to your audience. You are going to learn how to get into e-mail marketing and enjoy the amazing income it can produce for you.

10 Videos

  • LeadBook Generator

This is 20-part Facebook marketing ‘HOW TO’ training course with detailed walkthroughs of how to create a stampede of traffic to your Facebook page!

10 Videos

  • Power Of Execution

Goal setting is the process of deciding what you would like to accomplish and then make a plan to achieve the desired result. Now while everyone has goals and aspirations, not everyone knows how to achieve those goals.

Discover effective strategies on how to executing your goals and realize all your dreams easily!

10 Videos

  • Plus everything from the G100 Package

The G500 Package

  • The True Cause Of All Achievement

How to use the Conquering Force Within You to achieve your dreams and goals!

LIVE Seminar Video

  • Part 2

The Power Of Core Desires

In this video Jack Zufelt shares the blueprint of TRUE Cause for success in any area in life……whatever you desire, it’s easier than you think!

Part 3

Smart Wealth Building

Discover how to create wealth through the concept of Joint Ventures. How to partner up and get into bigger profits!

Part 4

The Conquering Force Within You

How to use the Conquering Force that everyone has, but nobody knows how to use. This force will have an impact on

many areas of your life!

  • Part 5

How To Make $100K Plus In Network Marketing

Discover eye-opening truths about what it takes to make serious money in MLM or Network Marketing. It’s NOT what you think!


  • Webinar Jackpot

Learn why webinars can boost your bottom line… fast.

9 Videos

  • Social Media Income

Discover how to use the power of Social Media to make money online.

5 Videos

  • The Warrior Mindset

It’s tough making big money in today’s world, but with a warriors’ mindset anything can be achieved!

10 Videos

  • Overcoming Excuses

One excuse is as good as any other, learn how to stop making excuses and take action instead.

10 Videos

Million Dollar Copy

  • How to become a six figure copywriter starting today!

7 Videos

  • Plus everything from The G100 and The G250 Package

The G1000 Package

  • Bitcoin Profit Secrets

Whether you heard of Bitcoin years ago (but didn’t take action), or you just heard of it today, anyone can profit from Bitcoin! Don’t be scared of this new technology because this video course will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to succeed.

10 Videos

  • Free Business Videos

This is a 20-part video tutorial that teaches you how to use FREE online tools and software to build your very own niche websites that brings in leads and sales for your business.

20 Videos

  • Internet Business Models.

With this step by step video course you will learn about 4 proven internet business models in the least amount of the time.

You will learn how to start your Internet Business – with a ZERO SET UP budget or without any website at all!

27 Videos

  • How To Use Webinars For Your Business

Webinars are one of the few online marketing methods that allow you to have real time communication with your audience, build credibility and authority and ultimately drive more sales in profits in your business.

12 Videos

  • Power of Focus

Power Of Focus is your go-to Master Guide to becoming a goal-busting and high achieving individual by leveling up your concentration.

8 Videos

  • Wealth Creation Blueprint

There are many ways to make money and become financially free, learn about them in this video series.

50 Videos

  • Push Button Podcasting

Learn how to use Podcasting to build an audience and a list that you can market to.

25 Videos

  • Plus everything from The G100 Package, G250 Package and The G500 Package


20 Audios

This incredible series interviews 20 of the top marketers on the internet today. Listen and learn their secrets to success. Over 20 hours of inspirational learning!


  • Darren Little
  • Evan Klassen
  • Geoff Stephen
  • Thom Kaz
  • Ilya Manin
  • Jack Zufelt
  • James Starr
  • Geoff Mills
  • Josh Peak
  • Larry Winget
  • Patrick Snow
  • Greg Gomez
  • Randy Schroeder
  • Ray Higdon
  • Richard Stevenson
  • Steph Perez
  • Terry Duff
  • Todd Falcone
  • Tracey Walker
  • Stan Harris


Discover “The Village Of Anything Is Possible.”

This is the audio series behind many of the HIGHEST money-earning producers in the business world today… The behind- the-scenes catalyst for the creation of the movie, “The Secret,” once referred to “As A Modern Day’s Aladdin’s Lamp,” this is the course that’s cuts through it all!


The premium package is G2000. It features a further 39 Video-On-Demand courses!

Subjects include

  • Leadership
  • Web Design
  • Crowdfunding
  • Online Freelancing
  • Team Building
  • eLearning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Blogging For Business
  • eCommerce
  • Newsfeed Advertising
  • SEO
  • Banner Ads
  • Startup Capital
  • Search Advertising
  • And More +

Future proof

As new content is released, we will introduce it into the G2000 library.

Back catalog

Includes everything from G100, G250, G500, G1000

Who Is Exitus Elite For?

Exitus Elite is a series of online courses for people who want to expand their current business, or those who want to have their own online business.

You can even promote Exitus Elite and build your online business around promoting it as well. It’s entirely up to you.

You have access to 3rd party lead generation tools. Landing pages and traffic resources to help you to get leads that converts to sales.

Very beginner friendly and step-by-step tutorials.

This program is essentially suitable for everyone. After all, who doesn’t want to make money?

If you are or would like to get involved in any kind of legitimate online hassle or business that generates dependable income, you’ll find Exitus Elite extremely valuable.

That can be digital marketing, writing, selling your products or services online, etc.

Who is Exitus Elite NOT For?

People who expect fast and easy money. You need to employ what you are taught in the program.

If you are experienced marketer, some of the training videos are very basic.

But even an experienced marketer will learn something new with this program because it has lots of content.

But if you are going to build your business around, let’s say YouTube, you don’t get any advanced tactics like how many hash tags to use.

How many videos to make, specific headlines to use, or how to make custom thumbnails, or when to post your videos.

However, you get a lot of valuable information if you don’t know about payed advertising.

How Does Exitus Elite Work?

After you have payed your sponsor and payed the annual admin fee you have access to your packages with the online courses.

You will also be added to different Facebook groups by your sponsor where you get access to training and support as well.

Now it’s up to you to implement the strategies you have access to into your current business or your new business you now have your hands on.

Exitus Elite is like any business opportunity out there. If you work with your business, you will make money. It’s up to you to gather leads to your business, follow up with those leads and making sales.

However, if you want this business go on auto-pilot you have the opportunity to do so.

Step 1: copy you link to your landing page

Step 2: order traffic to your landing page

Step 3: the system does the follow up for you and doing the sales for you. However, this is a future that cost 50 % of your sales.

I recommend you follow up with your leads by your self to save some money. But at least you have the option to have a total hands off business opportunity.

Compensation Plan For Exitus Elite

When you have made your first sale, you are eligible to make commissions with Exitus Elite. Watch the video below how the compensation plan works.

Training And Support

You have access to:

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Auto responders
  • CRM
  • Back Office
  • Support

Plus additional training through different kinds of Facebook groups and their members

The Beauty And The Ugly

Exitus Elite Pros

Suits any business you currently are involved with, weather is online, or you have a brick and mortar store. You will find a way to expand your business, or you have a business opportunity with Exitus Elite as it is.

Exitus Elite works as advertised. It has helped many people become successful by discovering different practical ways to make money online as evidenced by many testimonials.

You Can Read The Testimonials Here

This program is straightforward and user-friendly even for beginners. All the lessons, videos, and webinars are easy to keep up with.

It’s designed with users of all budgets in mind. Whether you can afford to part with only $100 or as much as $2000, there’s a package that perfectly suits your budget.

But Remember, you can only make the amount on each sale that you are currently on. This means that if you sell a G1000 package you only make $100 if you are currently on a G100 level.

Topnotch customer service with a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about assisting members. It makes the overall experience great and exciting.

It supports nearly all internet-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Exitus Elite Cons

The owner has a bad reputation from former business opportunities. Some people will make it as a cash gift scheme and a MLM Scheme just to justify their own product or services.

Some of the training is rather basic. Still, if you are a beginner, using YouTube for marketing you will learn how to get a great start. But I find it lacking of how many hash tags to use, what’s the best time to post your videos and more technical stuff like how to add custom thumbnails. The courses have an impressive overview on the different possibilities to market yourself and your business, and how to make money online. But I really miss in depth training. You get specific details of tools to use, and templates to use those tools.

Attending the numerous lessons and watching the corresponding videos can be a little bit cumbersome for some people.

My Thoughts

Despite bad reviews from people around online I had no doubt in my mind to grab this product myself. That’s because I saw all the training it has to offer and access to 3rd party lead generation tools.

You have everything in one place. Except for websites. But if you plan to running a business model based on email marketing, social media marketing or telemarketing, you are off to a great start.

At least you have the fundamentals. If you are a beginner to an intermediate you don’t need to expand your knowledge in a long time. For most people, this will surely be sufficient to make money online.

Read What Other People Have To Say About Exitus Elite.

Verdict /Conclusion

You will learn a lot with Exitus Elite. But may be hard to promote as a standalone opportunity because of bad reputation.

In my opinion it has great value, you will learn a lot with the product itself and by the members. Some of the training are very basic, and to be honest most of the information in the program are available for free.

But its like the other opportunities out there. You pay for easy access, new information you didn’t have come across before, and an opportunity to make money. Exitus Elite deliver.

Exitus Elite Summary

Created: February 2014

Best for: Everyone who are willing to do what it takes to building a business

URL: www.exituselite.com


G100 Package: $100 + $49

G250 Package: $250 + $99

G500 Package: $500 + $199

G1000 Package: $1000 +$299

G2000 Package: $2000 + $399

Recommended: YES

Exitus Elite Packages

This program comes in 5 different packages namely; G100, G250, G500, G1000 and G2000.


Priced at $100 (+ $40 annually), the G100 package entails five incredible digital entrepreneurship lessons with up to 82 videos in total. These are namely;

  • Internet Marketing In an Hour a Day—12 videos. Let you in on the tips and tricks you can use to build your internet business.
  • Email List Secrets—10 videos. Explains how to build your email list appropriately.
  • Big Business Blueprint—42 videos. Walks you through how to establish a successful business online.
  • Facebook Live Blueprint—10 videos. Takes a deep dive into how to do digital marketing with Facebook Live.

Cryptocurrency Secrets—8 videos. Teaches you about cryptocurrency as an alternative means of payment you can accept and as one of the most lucrative ways to make money online.


Going for $250 (+ $100 annually), the G250 Exitus Elite package consists of 7 valuable lessons on how to make money, complete with up to 91 videos in total. That plus everything from the previous package. The lessons are as follows:

  • Big Ticket Machine—26 videos. Teaches you how to hit the jackpot and win huge amounts of money.
  • 10K Blueprint—12 videos. All about internet marketing and how to get consistent results with it.
  • List Building Profit Kit—8 videos. Shares advanced, exclusive tips for list building.
  • Evergreen Leads Business-–15 videos. Reveals the ALL-TIME evergreen lead formula you can apply to draw customers regardless of the economic condition.
  • Modern Mail Marketing—10 videos. Explains how to capitalize on email marketing and enjoy unbelievable income from that.
  • LeadBook Generator—10 videos. Talks about how to draw overwhelming amounts of traffic to your Facebook page for increased profitability.
  • Power of Execution—10 videos. Teaches you how to set and achieve goals, which definitely will go a long way in your online business.


The G500 package costs $500 (+ $175 annually). This consists of a few lessons some split into various parts all geared towards helping you to make money online. It comes complete with a live seminar video, and 41 regular videos, plus everything from the previous package. The lessons are as follows:

  • The True Cause of All Achievement—LIVE Seminar video. This teaches you how to use internal conquering force to achieve your goals. It’s split into 5 different parts namely; The Power of Core Desires, Smart Wealth Building, The Conquering Force Within You, and How To Make 100k Plus In Network Marketing.
  • Webinar Jackpot—9 videos. Teaches you how to boost your bottom line quickly with webinars.
  • Social Media Income—5 videos. Explains how to harness the power of social media to boost your income.
  • The Warrior Mindset-–10 videos. Discusses how to develop the warrior mindset you’ll need to become successful in any business.
  • Overcoming Excuses—10 videos. Walks you through how to overcome excuses and take action instead.
  • Million Dollar Copy—7 videos. Teaches you how to become a six-figure copywriter.


Lastly is the G1000 package, which is available for $1000 (+ $299 annually). Just like the rest, this package comes with several lessons alongside a whole lot of up to 172 videos. That’s plus everything from the previous package. The lessons are;

  • Bitcoin Profit Secrets-–10 videos.
  • How To Use Free Online Tools To Build Profitable Niche Websites—20 videos.
  • Internet Business Models—27 videos.
  • The Power of Focus—8 videos.
  • Wealth Creation Blueprint—50 videos.
  • Push Button Podcasting-–25 videos.


The premium package is G2000. It features a further 39 Video-On-Demand courses!

Subjects include

  • Leadership
  • Web Design
  • Crowdfunding
  • Online Freelancing
  • Team Building
  • eLearning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Blogging For Business
  • eCommerce
  • Newsfeed Advertising
  • SEO
  • Banner Ads
  • Startup Capital
  • Search Advertising
  • And More +

Future proof

As new content is released, we will introduce it into the G2000 library.

Back catalog

Includes everything from G100, G250, G500, G1000

It Offers Digital Products That You Can Resell For A Profit

If you’re looking for high-ticket products and strategies to market and promote them, Exitus Elite might be for you.

These digital products are downloadable and can help you elevate your business.

You’ll find that each product includes a link to its own product explanation page. Having a good product gives you a leg up on your competition.

The Exitus Elite library offers a wide variety of digital products that you can resell for profit.

You can sell audio programs, eBooks, videos, and even software. You can sell these products for high profit margins because there are no manufacturing and shipping costs involved.

This means you can earn $100 to $2000 per sale.

Exitus Elite offers a unique compensation plan. This program pays you to promote a product or service and then resell it for profit.

The company will even take care of the product delivery to the new customer, which means you can focus on other activities.

Exitus Elite provides an easier way to earn money online. It offers cooperative training on social media marketing, online business training, and lead generation strategies.

This program also offers access to exclusive interviews with industry leaders and early bird updates.

All In One Package

Exitus Elite is an online marketing company. It sells resale rights software and digital product packages.

These softwares and products can be resold and offer a high profit margin since they do not require additional product manufacturing or shipping costs.

This is a great way to earn a high income online without spending hundreds of dollars each month or year.

Exitus Elite is a marketing system with marketing products and claims to eliminate the problems that many people encounter when making money online.

It also offers two powerful income streams and unlimited prospecting. It also offers pre-made landing pages and websites.

The training system is robust. The system also includes capture pages, a bridge page, a 10-email series autoresponder, and solid marketing training.

The Exitus Elite membership comes with access to training material that includes 36 courses, PDF files, and video tutorials.

Each course offers audios, PDFs, and videos, and updates as new content becomes available.

Members learn about internet marketing and how to promote products through social media.

Exitus Elite does not charge an annual membership fee. However, a one-time admin fee is required. The most popular package is the G1000 package.

This package allows multiple $100, $250, $500, and $1000 payments to your account over a period of time.

The G2000 package also allows for overrides and pass-ups.

It Requires You To Connect Up Your Own Payment Method

Exitus Elite is an online business opportunity distributed by Paul Stevenson. It claims to solve many of the problems that cause people to fail in their online endeavors.

It offers two powerful income models. The first option gives you a huge database of prospects, while the second option provides you with pre-made websites and landing pages.

In order to make money from Exitus Elite, you need to connect up your own payment method to your account.

This way, you can send money to new members without having to go through PayPal or any other cash-gifting scheme. This is necessary because Exitus Elite wants to protect its members from the risk of their accounts getting shut down.

Another way to earn money from Exitus Elite is by selling its products. The products are high ticket, so you will be able to make some good commissions on them.

You can earn as much as $2000 from these products.

The Exitus Elite platform also offers a great option for promoting online businesses. In addition to the training, you’ll also have access to automated marketing tools.

This platform is perfect for people who want to learn how to make money online. The software comes with duplicated websites, landing pages, autoresponders, and marketing tools.

The system will provide you with everything you need to start a successful online business.

Marketing opportunity

Exitus Elite is a marketing opportunity that offers members the opportunity to make money online. The company provides a digital training library and products that can be resold to others for high profit margins.

Members do not have to pay additional shipping or manufacturing costs. Moreover, the company offers a wide variety of products packaged together in one package.

Members of Exitus Elite earn high commissions due to its high-ticket products. The products are priced up to $2000 and are highly sought after.

In addition, the company takes care of the delivery of the products to the new customer. This allows affiliates to focus on other tasks.

Exitus Elite offers social media sharing buttons, such as Facebook and Google+. These buttons can be placed on your website and blog to help you spread the word about Exitus Elite.

Additionally, the company has a social media marketing strategy that allows you to use your personal accounts to promote the company’s products.

Exitus Elite has an automated marketing system that enables professionals to make more money by closing more sales.

This marketing system starts with a high-converting lead capture page, followed by an explainer video, and then follow-up emails.

Final Verdict

Exitus Elite is a powerful program that teaches you about many legit ways of making money online.

By applying the lessons you’ve learned from this program, you can make between $100 to $2,000 on every sale. More as suggested by the product website.

Watch This Video About How The Payment Plan Works

This program is simple even for beginners with incredible customer support.

Taking all things into consideration, I recommend it to anyone who wishes to get wealthy legitimately, using the internet.

Where You Should Begin Your Journey

Don’t worry. I will guide you in the right direction. You should learn from people who have been in the business for a long time. That will help your business out a lot!

Another advice that I want to share with you is to invest in this system that gives you the core elements on how to make money online.

I have support from established affiliate marketers from all over the world.

Are you ready to take the step and join me inside? You can start out for FREE!

Final Words

Everyone can make money online. I have even shown you how to get started for FREE. How far you are willing to go is totally up to you.

But to succeed online and have it as a full time business you need to follow certain steps, invest in yourself and into your business.

You will also have access to me inside Wealthy Affiliate and I’m here for you to help you out and give you a hand if you have any questions. Just let me know, and I will do my utmost to help you out.

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20 thoughts on “What Is Exitus Elite?”

  1. I am wondering if this is a good quality program why it gets bad reputation? Obviously competition does that but usually if a program is really good the good comments will be far more than the bad. From what I read in your review the only thing I don’t like is that there are many different payment subscription to choose from. I get that this is done for higher flexibility but I would definitely prefer less options that would make it easier to choose from.

    • Thanks for dropping by and read my article Stratos K! The program is good, however it has lots of bad reviews because people have an opinion its a MLM opportunity, or a pyramide scheme. But it’s not. Unfortunately many people doesn’t know the difference.

      That’s why this is a comprehensive article about the topic. 

      The main part of he training focus is social media marketing. Surely you will come over some questions, but you’ll do so in any program or product out there. 

      The program surely have lots of options, but as you saying, it’s to offer flexibility to people. If you’re interested in a product that offer less payment options,I will recommend you take a look at this training. You have more flexibility! It’s one of the best affiliate marketing programs that I have encountered, and you only have to pay once.All the best,


  2. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed review about Exitus Elite. Actually, I had never heard of this before. I asked about this today. This really looks like a very good program. Especially since this is not a scam, I am very happy. Because there are many scams in today’s society. I hope you try this. Keep posting valuable reviews like this. I definitely share this.

    • Thanks for dropping by pasindu dimanka! Glad you enjoyed the post. 

      Yes, Exitus Elite is a good program. I have learned a lot about Pinterest marketing and other social media marketing through the training. And it’s a very good teaching program for those involved with MLM opportunity. 

      However, you need some other marketing skills to get the full benefits from it.

      When that’s said, you have the possibility to drive traffic directly within the program. But it costs money. But at least you have the option to do so. And the sales team can also close the sales for you.

      As you can see, the program is built in the way to build a business around Exitus itself. Not that’s necessarily a bad thing because of the overall quality.

      You can even take advantage of their text message bot as well in your marketing.

      Because of this, You need other marketing skills to promote other products and services with Exitus.

      All the best,


  3. Thank you for sharing your review on Exitus Elite!

    I have never heard of Exitus elite before, but from reading your post, I may have done something similar.

    How are the courses? Do they provide a lot of value for what you pay for?

    From $149 to $2399 for the price, I actually like the high ticket offer, but I would only do this if the course or the product itself is worth it!

    Thank you i will look into it more!

    • Thanks for dropping by Lorenz Valdez! I’m glad you found the article informative. The courses is good, but you only get the information provided in each product package. I learnt more about each social media platform compared to what I did before. It’s one of the best programs I have signed up for. However, it doesn’t beat this one. This is the most comprehensive training I have encountered for a cheaper price.

  4. I have been searching the internet for a health and wellness program to teach me how to run a business, and Exitus Elite sounds like a good program to start with. I will be signing up to give exitus elite a try. I am also going to share your review with my social media followers who are looking for legitimate offers like exitus elite. 

    • Thanks for dropping by Jannette! I really appreciate it! If you or your friends need a hand at anything, reach out to me anytime, and I will gladly help you out!

      All the best, 


  5. Exitus Elite may be a  program that helps you build wealth, however, it is very expensive for newbies.  The components of health, wellness, personal development, and professional development have merit and if if it pays for recruiting new members; this is a plus but unless you have money to invest upfront then there are other alternatives that are better. That being said, there is a tremendous amount of value that one can get out of the program. With an autoresponder, lead capture pages, contact manager, integration into social networks and education with many other points of value this is worth becoming involved in if you have the capital. I guess, that is what it comes down to until I get the money to invest I am best to keep it simple.

    • Thanks for dropping by Toplink! The cheapest entry price for Exitus is $100. The reality is that you need to spend some money to build a business. If someone can’t afford the basics in any business, they shouldn’t build their own business. They should keep the 9-5 job. 

      It cost some initial investments. Sorry, but it’s only tough love. 

      Sure, people can learn the basics for free or at low cost about building a business online. You can do it for only $7. Click Here To Learn More! An autoresponder, lead capture pages, contact manager, integration into social networks is necessary to have in place for any business. But you also need the skills to put it into place.

      All the best,


  6. Regarding Exitus Elite, thank you for your review! My first exposure to the program was through this. And having read your review, I’ve come to the conclusion that while it may be useful for those looking to make a living, it is not for beginners. I’ll definitely sign up for the program once I learn more because I think it will be beneficial to me and help. When I do, I am so excited to start. So once more, thank you.

    • Thanks for dropping by kiersti! I’m glad you found the article informative.You can indeed start out with Exitus Elite, but yes, to get the most of it you need more basic training when it comes to marketing. A Great Place To Begin Is Here! You will learn what you need to know about marketing and social media.

      Not only that, you will always have access to up to date training! Combine this knowledge with Exitus, and you’ll have access to a thriving business!

      Hope that helps.

      All the best,


  7. Thank you for this review over Exitus Elite.  It is intereting that you talk about it not being a pyriamid scheme.  To be honest, at first I thought it was.  I thought it’s focus was to get other people hired and that’s how you make money, is by gaining more distritubutors.  But after reading the full review I think it makes sense because you get access to digital products when you sign up for this product.

    • Thanks for dropping by Jessie! You absolutely right. People often don’t know what a pyramid scheme is and therefore jumps right to a conclusion. It’s simply a library of digital educational products. Tools to get educated and possibility to promote any business.

      All the best,


  8. Very thorough examination of existus elite. I have watched this program progress overtime but always thought it was overpriced.However, you present some facts and figures that make the program attractive to individuals looking for a way to get access to in-depth training regardig building a business online. 

    Your complete review supplied some deeper insights into what the program has to offer. There are some features within the program that can be of benefit to anyone who is marketing online.

    *Lead capture pages
    **Contact manager
    *Social Network Integration is important

    Is there a requirement to pass up prospects to a higher level member? I thought I read that somewhere. But still the costs of the program at the highest level are still a little steep. The vast amount of educational material existing on one platform is impressive.

    I am frugal and consider that the same material is probably someone on the Internet for free. The program offers value if you have more money than time. Still a great overview of the company and its benefits.

    • Thanks for dropping by Virginia Sanders! I’m glad you found the article informative. Yes, Exitus Elite is THE PERFECT all in all program I have ever encountered where you have access to everything in one place. 

      Yes, I’m agreeing with you it might be expensive for the top tier packages, however, you can get in for little as $100 and an admin fee. This is a one time payment only. No monthly fees! 

      And you can always upgrade your package on the way. 

      Yes, you only pass up your first sale to get qualified for the commissions. This is very lucrative, because this means that the person who joins under you must pass up their first sale to you as well.

      You can find all information from every courses online for free. But you have to connect the dots and you don’t have any support around you. If you go the free route, you probably going to fail and quit. 

      That’s why a structured online program is important and vital for success. You pay for convince, step by step training and how to be successful. 

      Hope this helps.

      All the best,


  9. I am an aspiring online entrepreneur and have looked into several programs and training courses that claim to help people succeed in affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, many of them are MLM and I really want to stay away from online programs that involved recruiting others to make money.

    So, for you to affirm that Exitus Elite is neither an MLM nor a pyramiding scheme is a relief. I want a real business that guarantees success for anyone who is dead serious about making money online. One of the things I like about this program is that they have everything in one program. They teach newbies everything they need to learn from Social Media and Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Web Design.

    But I wonder how long it takes for a newbie to make money. And should one avail of all the levels of membership to increase their chances of becoming successful?

    • It’s great to hear that you are an aspiring online entrepreneur and have been exploring various programs and training courses to help you succeed in affiliate marketing. 

      It’s understandable that you want to stay away from MLM and pyramid schemes, as these can be unreliable and often require recruiting others to make money. 

      Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Pyramid Schemes are two different business models, though they may appear similar on the surface. MLM is a legitimate business model where a company sells products or services through a network of independent distributors who earn commissions on the sales they generate, as well as on the sales made by their downline, i.e. the people they recruit to become distributors. 

      In MLM, the focus is on selling products, and the commissions earned by distributors are based on actual sales.

      Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, are illegal and unethical business models where individuals are paid to recruit others into the scheme rather than for selling actual products or services. 

      The participants in the scheme are promised high returns for recruiting others, and these returns are paid for by the fees paid by new recruits. 

      Pyramid schemes are unsustainable and illegal, as they rely on an ever-increasing number of new recruits to generate revenue.

      While MLM and pyramid schemes may share some similarities in terms of recruiting new members to join the business, the key difference lies in the emphasis on selling products. 

      In MLM, the focus is on building a network of distributors who sell the products or services to customers, while in a pyramid scheme, the emphasis is on recruiting new members to join the scheme.

      MLM can be a good business idea for individuals who are motivated, hardworking, and enjoy building relationships and networking with others. 

      MLM companies often provide their distributors with training, support, and marketing materials to help them succeed, and many people have built successful businesses through MLM. 

      However, it’s important to carefully research and evaluate any MLM opportunity before investing time or money, and to ensure that the company operates ethically and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

      It’s important to ensure that any program or course you invest in is legitimate and has a proven track record of success. 

      It’s also encouraging that they have a comprehensive program that teaches newbies everything they need to know about Social Media and Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Web Design. 

      This type of all-in-one program can be a great way to gain a broad understanding of the various components of affiliate marketing and how they work together.

      In terms of how long it takes for a newbie to make money, this can vary depending on various factors such as the individual’s level of dedication, the amount of time and effort they are willing to invest, and their overall skill level. 

      It’s important to approach affiliate marketing with realistic expectations and understand that it may take time to build up a successful business.

      As for whether one should avail of all the levels of membership to increase their chances of success, it’s important to carefully consider your budget and goals before investing in any program. 

      While upgrading to a higher level of membership may provide additional resources and support, it’s important to ensure that the investment is worth it and aligns with your overall goals and budget.

      Overall, it’s great to see that you are doing your research and carefully considering your options when it comes to affiliate marketing programs and courses. With dedication, hard work, and the right resources, there is no reason why you can’t achieve success as an online entrepreneur.

      All the best,


  10. The best way to learn is learning from people who have succeeded. I think Stevenson’s more than 25 years of experience is a good hand. The top of it is that the products are not overpriced. The G250 comes with a comprehensive training on email marketing, and lead generation, with everything in G100 what any serious marketer must horn for

    • Great point! Learning from successful people can be incredibly valuable, as they have already navigated the challenges and achieved success in your field of interest. 

      Stevenson’s 25 years of experience is definitely impressive and speaks to the credibility of their products I agree that the products are reasonably priced and offer comprehensive training on important marketing skills like email marketing and lead generation. 

      The G250 and G100 are valuable resources for any serious marketer looking to improve their skills and achieve success in their field. Thanks for sharing your insights!

      All the best,



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