Start To Blog Make Money. Is It Possible To Make Money On Blogging? How To Make Money On Blogging, And Where Do You Begin?
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I feel sometime I’m a warrior. The internet is a battleground with each man for him self. That’s why it’s so many scams and unfair competition out there. Just to make some money. There is a lot of fake reviews, just for recommending a specific product, software, programs and what not.

The Battleground

Why is it so many fake reviews out there? Because of businesses use of affiliate marketing! They use people like me to promoting their products. Just so I can earn some money in commission of a particular product I give a review of. The business hope that I can give them a sale.

The Truth

If you research a product online, let’s say Wealthy Affiliate (Yes, I’m a part of Wealthy Affiliate and I earn a commission if you decide to getting aboard through my links), you will discover many online sites rank it very high.

The reason for that has less to do with the reviewers honest opinion on the particular product or service, but more with the generously affiliate program they offering.

Let me just say that Wealthy Affiliate IS indeed a good program to be part of. Compared with many others. But no program nor products are perfect.

You Can Read My Review Of Wealthy Affiliate Here.

Misleading, Or A Genuine Opinion?

marketing, internet marketing, email marketin. Is it a smart way to make money? How about all the misleading reviews?

Yes, it’s a legit way to make money. However, you should never promote a product just to make a sale. If you do you wouldn’t make it on the battlefield for long. It may work for a short amount time, but if you aren’t honest, making a quality product reviews, pushing people over the edge, scamming people, then you are doomed to fail and you are out of the business!

I strive to make quality reviews for people to enjoy and can make their own decisions whether they want to buy a product or not. My goal is to help people to make a long term success. I’m trying to be neutral as possible in my reviews. I am not trying to tell you to buy a specific product or not. But I will give you my thoughts on it and let you decide for yourself.

I have made some reviews earlier, and after I have discovered too many (not so honest) reviews out on the internet, I have discovered this: It’s hard to get an opinion of a specific product is worth my hard-earned money or not just by reading reviews.

As mentioned earlier, you can make a positive review of a product because you earn a good commission of that product. This means you also can make a poor review of a similar product, which you don’t get a commission of. Even the product could indeed be a better solution for you.

As an internet marketer you should be very aware of how you write product reviews. Also, you as a consumer should be aware of this!

Another thing I would mention in this blog post is that people tend to write poor reviews of a product without thinking about who the product is for. A good product for a beginner isn’t necessarily a good product for an expert and vice versa.

Please leave a comment below on your thoughts about different reviews online. Have you ever read a good review of a product and be disappointed? Or maybe you took a chance with a product with poor reviews and get surprised? Let me know below.

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