The High Income Copywriter

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What Is The High Income Copywriter?

Introduction Of The High Income Copywriter And What It Is The High Income Copywriter 

The creator of the High Income Copywriter course is Dan Lok. Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian serial entrepreneur that lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Is the O.G. web entrepreneur. He has been featured on Forbes, has given 2 Tedx talks, appeared on Fox News, Entrepreneur and Jet Set Magazine.

With that in mind who’s providing this course, it safe to say it’s a quality program where you get what you pay for. He has authored 12 books like F.U. Money and Influence.

The question is: is it for you? Do YOU get value for the money?

The High Income Copywriter Overview

Product Name: The High Income Copywriter

Product Type: 7 week Online Course

Creator: Dan Lok
Best for: People who want to expand their current copywriter career or want to start a copywriter career.

URL: The High Income Copywriter price: $2497

Recommended: YES

Who Is The High Income Copywriter For? And What’s The Benefits?

Because of the quality of this course, it’s safe to say that if you want to learn how to make money online and are serious about it, or if you want to expand your current business and take it to the next level, this is for you.

You need to be willing to work for your success and you need to be willing to invest the money that will take you there.

Imagine that you could make $100 for one Facebook ad and one Instagram ad.

It could take you an hour if you took your time. How about if you could write them in half an hour?

That’s $200 an hour. People buy services like that, because they have the potential to bring in several thousands dollars per campaign.

Businesses will gladly pay you $200 for a small gig that can bring in those kinds of money.

With High Income Copywriter you are taught the skills how you can accomplish that and how to get clients.

No degree necessary. Would you like to make $200 an hour, without a degree or going back to school? Could you see yourself doing this?

How Does The High Income Copywriter Work?

In order to get into this program, you have to either book an appointment to speak with a previous student or watch his webinar.

This program is not open to everyone and requires approval in Dan’s application process.

Week 1: The Mindset Secrets To Attract Massive Success As A High Income Copywriter

In the first week, the focus will be to set up your mindset for success. The reason you aren’t where you want to be in life is primarily because of your mindset.

This week will be about removing your limiting beliefs, blocks, and doubts. You will grow as a person and become a High Income Copywriter in the fastest way possible

week 2: Copywriting And Sales Psychology Secrets – How & Why People Buy

In the second week, you will get the most powerful psychological triggers so you can become a persuasive High Income Copywriter.

You have to use those powers for good. These 13 triggers will also help you to get what you want from others – while making them think it was THEIR idea to give you what you want!

week 3: How To Read Your Prospect’s Mind And Design Genius Marketing Strategies

In Week 3 you will learn how to think like a marketer and find out what your prospects truly desire.

Most copywriters don’t know this at all. They just write something out and hope for the best.

You, however, will know this, and it will give your copy a cutting edge.

Week 4: How To Create Irresistible Offers That Sell Like Crazy

Now that you understand the market and your prospect’s desires, you are ready to craft outstanding offers that sell like crazy in Week 4.You will learn the power of perception which allows you to get your clients even better results.

Week 5: How To Assemble Kickass Landing Pages And Write Highly Profitable Emails

In Week 5, the focus is on creating kick-ass landing pages, which make the core of your career as a High Income Copywriter.

All the other 3 branches you learn are derived from it.

If you are able to write powerful landing pages, you will create a windfall income for your clients and yourself. You become the silent rainmaker for your clients.

You will also learn about emails, which are crucial for business. As a High Income Copywriter, you craft compelling emails that will get your client more sales without them having to spend extra money on ads.

Week 6: How To Write Million-Dollar ‘Scalable Copy’ Without Hyped Up Or Exaggerated Claims…

And How To Generate Tons Of Revenue For You And Your Clients With Facebook

In Week 6, you dive into the short-form of copy that will be the base of your business model.

You don’t need to write hard, long-form sale copy if you don’t want to. Instead, you can focus on Social Media, Immediate Return, and Compliant Copy.

Writing for social media is the future of copy writing. It will earn you some nice paychecks. This copy is short but still gets your clients lots of new customers.

You will also get insight into this relatively unknown form of copy… chatbots!

Chatbots are an extremely untapped market yet. They are so great because they are a fast and easy source to generate more buyers for your clients.

The best part is, once it’s put in place it will run automatically. So, if you understand chat bots you are generating leads on autopilot.

Week 7: How To Turn Your High Income Copywriting Skill Into A Predictable And Sustainable 6-Figure Income

In Week 7, you will learn how to earn a high income as a copywriter fast.

You will know what to focus on and what to avoid. Where to find clients and what deals you should aim for. This is the final part you need to become a High Income Copywriter in the fastest way possible.

Week 8: (bonus week for committed students): 7 Deadly Mistakes Most Copywriters Make That Crumble Their Chances Of Success Before They Even Start

This is a bonus class that has to be unlocked. Do you think you can make it this far?

Does The High Income Copywriter work?

people who claims that a surten product won’t work and gives it a bad reputation failed to ask themselves these questions before they give their statements:

  • If you bought this program, did you do your research?
  • Are you spending your last savings on this course?
  • Did you try your hardest with the product?
  • Have you ever done business before?

If you answered “No” to these, it’s time to do some self-reflection.

The reality is that most business opportunities and courses out there DO work as long as YOU work.

There are few opportunities out there that is pure scams.

But if there is a real person with a long track record behind the product, there is a good chance it will work. If not, the person who created it would be out of business. FAST!

Training And Support

This is a high ticket course where you get mentoring from a mentor who charge $5000/hour. So expect to get value for your money.

The Beauty And The Ugly

The High Income Copywriter Pros

  • You will have weekly live chats with Dan Lok himself.
  • Every module is loaded with extra material designed to help you.
  • The lessons are on average 5 or 6 hours long: great quality content.
  • You will learn to turn yourself into an important asset any client would want.
  • Credible instructors
  • Multiple program options to suit various budgets
  • Lots of great free content
  • High customer satisfaction ratings

The High Income Copywriter Cons

  • Some might find Dan’s enthusiasm a little overwhelming.0
  • He uses foul language which may be offensive
  • The methods he teaches take a strong work ethic and a lot of self-discipline (which may be difficult for some)

My Thoughts

The High Income Copywriter is a High Ticket product that will improve your marketing skills if you are a copywriter, blogger or a social media marketer.

In my opinion of what I have read and see about Dan Lok, I’m Impressed of What He has achieved and the products he has to offer.

Of course, a whole lot of the information is available for free online.

However, here you have a course that gives you everything that you need and then some right into your lap in a period of 7- weeks.

Plus some extras.

It would take you at least several months or more if you seek out the information by yourself. And you probably still miss out on crucial bits and pieces.

You could learn how to drive a car by watching YouTube, but it would take a whole less time if you have someone to teach you right by your side…

Verdict /conclusion

This is a quality high end product you need to see as an investment in your self and your business. Only you can determine if you are worth it or not. You get what you pay for.

The High Income Copywriter Summary

Product Name: The High Income Copywriter

Product Type: 7 week Online Course have some

Creator: Dan Lok

Best for: People who want to expand their current copywriter career or want to start a copywriter career.

URL: The High Income Copywriter

price: $2497

Recommended: YES


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There Is An Alternative…

I get that. $2497 Is a lot of money. Maybe you don’t have afford to pay that kind of money right now to improve your writing skills.

There is a great alternative to hone your writing skills and you have the opportunity to make money in the process. Either as an affiliate, by blogging, or creating your own freelance services.

You can start out for FREE without credit card. Click Here To Learn More!

I hope you have actually discovered a bit more about this opportunity and can make a much better decision whether this service can assist you and your financial resources or not.

Have you taken The High Income Copywriter course before?

I wish to hear about your experience by leaving me a comment below. Maybe you have thought about it, but changed your mind? Let me know why.

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Another advice that I want to share with you is to invest in systems that gives you the core elements on how to make money online.

I have support from established entrepreneurs in all kinds of field from all over the world! Are you smart enough to learn and let someone teach you how you can achieve your core desire?

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