Small Business Text Message Marketing

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Small Business Text Message Marketing And Text ALN. What Is It?

Text ALN is an upcoming texting technology that will change the way you market products.

With 80% of the population using text messages, TextALN has the potential to revolutionize the way people text.

In North America alone, 292 million people send and receive texts. With this technology, you can reach your target audience on a one-to-one basis.

Text ALN is a multifaceted marketing platform that can be utilized as a marketing tool with any business or sold separately as a platform to market to people in business.

ALN takes pride in providing you everything you need to market and grow a business. And with our 6 different levels, including training and credits, we have the package to meet anyone’s budget.

Our Text ALN platform allows you to collect organic leads and follow up with drip text messages! Think about having the option to create a customized keyword promoting people to text in to get info about your business or offering and then directing the person to take your call to action and visit your website.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a powerful way to communicate with your target audience and can greatly increase engagement.

This is because marketing to customers where they are most likely to see your message increases your chances of retaining their attention.

However, before jumping in head first, you need to consider the type of messages you want to send.

Some customers may respond well to offers such as discounts or deals, while others may be more receptive to updates about customer service.

Using social testing can help you find the best SMS strategy for your business.

Compared to email and other forms of marketing, SMS campaigns are affordable and versatile.

They can also produce a higher ROI. Plus, these messages provide more data than email or direct mail, enabling marketers to fine-tune future messages, and optimize their performance.

Besides, a high read rate makes SMS marketing a safe and efficient choice for brands looking to increase brand awareness.

In addition to creating useful texts, SMS marketing can build brand loyalty. When people trust a brand, they will give their mobile number to receive useful information.

To get customers to opt-in, use simple and relevant offers that will be of value to them. In addition, use your SMS marketing software to find out your target audience’s preferences.

For example, if you’re launching a new product, you can send an SMS that announces the launch.

This can build up a buzz for the new product and get customers to return to buy it.

SMS is one of the most effective marketing tools and can generate exceptional engagement rates.

Most cell phones can receive text messages, which means that you can easily send messages to consumers.

Additionally, the open rate of these messages is 98%. Even though some consumers open their messages for no other reason than to unsubscribe from notifications, the engagement metric is important because it is an indication of how effective your message is.

You can send your message to customers by providing an opt-in form on your website or attaching one to an e-blast.

Additionally, you can use SMS marketing as an add-on to your omnichannel marketing automation campaign.

SMS is an effective way to market to a broad audience, especially during peak shopping seasons.

How TextALN Can Help Your Business

Text ALN is a software that allows your business to interact with your customers on a one-on-one basis. The Text 2 Win feature is also useful in quickly gaining opt-ins.

When customers text in their name to enter a contest, Text ALN responds with a personalized response.

TextALN Revolutionizes Texting

TextALN is a breakthrough texting product that will revolutionize the way we text and communicate with one another.

There are currently 292 million people who send text messages in North America, which represents almost 80% of the population.

Now, you can communicate with them one-on-one by sending individual messages instead of groups.

Text ALN Responds Directly To Customers One-On-One

SMS, or short message service marketing, allows businesses to send promotional text messages to customers. It’s perfect for promoting new products, event invitations, and special offers.

The only caveat is that customers must first opt in to receive messages from your business. One great way to get customers to opt in to receive your messages is to offer them a free prize, such as a coupon.

Mobile scratchers and text to win campaigns work well for this. Text ALN can also help you build an opt-in list by offering a referral feature. The more people sign up, the more revenue you’ll make.

SMS Marketing – How to Get Started

If you’re looking to get into SMS marketing, you’ve come to the right place. With the many services and tools available to you today, you can create an effective strategy for your business.

But how do you get started? TextALN one of the best resources for SMS marketing.


MLM Text Message Marketing

If you are in an MLM you already understand that communication is key to making your business work.

You would like to have the freedom to work your preferred schedule from home and not be tied to a 9-5.

Automate your messaging to increase sales and save time using text marketing for your MLM business. Send bulk messages from your computer or use our phone app.

Text Message Marketing For Restaurants

Restaurants that use mobile marketing have found it to be the most effective form of marketing. With response rates averaging 10 times higher than other forms of marketing, you can’t afford to not use sms messaging.

Text messages are the most timely and efficient way of reaching your customers. Use mobile marketing to draw in new business and bring current customers back.

Text Message Marketing for Golf Clubhouses

Golf courses use text messaging to advertise specials in the pro shop, text a reminder about tee time, announce special tournaments or events, and much more. See how your golf course can benefit from text message marketing.

MLM Text Message Marketing

If you are in an MLM you already understand that communication is key to making your business work.

You would like to have the freedom to work your preferred schedule from home and not be tied to a 9-5.

Automate your messaging to increase sales and save time using text marketing for your MLM business. Send bulk messages from your computer or use TextALN.

Dentist Text Message Marketing

If you own a dentist office you probably pay someone to call and remind patients about their appointments!

With SMS marketing you won’t need to do that anymore and you also will have thousands in your database to market to at any given moment! If it looks like you are going to have a slow month you can offer discounts on cleanings or teeth whitening!

Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

Real estate agents will get great results with Text ALN marketing campaign. See how using text messages can spread the word about new real estate quickly and help you keep sales up.

Using Text ALN message auto-responders will let people get information on a listing immediately and let you know when people are checking out a property.

Carpet And Pool Cleaning Text Message Marketing

The Guys Carpet & Pool Care use text messaging to advertise specials in the for the month, text a reminder about when your carpet is due for a cleaning, carpet and pool tips, and much more.

Text Message Marketing For Little Leagues

Text Message Marketing is perfect for Little Leagues and sports organizations! Keep your parents up to date with tryouts, special events, fundraisers and All-Stars!

Sports Tournaments Directors Text Message Marketing

Tournament Directors are using sms messages to increase business. Announce your next tournament or camp directly to your teams coaches, or if you’re a college promoting a prospect camp you can reach your prospects and their parents directly.

Before You Leave…

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now you should be able to make a much better decision whether some services can assist you and your financial resources or not.

Have you ever tried out text message marketing before?

I wish to become aware of your experience by leaving me a comment below.

Oh, if you have any advice on the topic, please feel free to share them as well.

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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable and comprehensive post on Small Business Text Message Marketing. I had heard a bit about this before, but I had never read such a detailed post. Actually, I also thought of trying this for affiliate marketing. Thank you very much for a post like this. Keep posting like this. I will definitely share this.

    • Thanks for dropping by and showed interest in this article pasindu dimanka!

      I think SMS marketing is a gret, if not greater tool for marketing compared to email marketing.Its defiantly something businesses should implementing in their marketing efforts. I surely do it in my business. The best thing is that I can promote anything, anytime and provide my subscribers with valuable content and info.

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  2. Thank you for introducing me to this possibility. I would like to join Text ALN. I have been searching for marketing tools. And ALN comes in handy because my business benefits from the one-on-one aspect of text messages.
    Thank you for also explaining in this post how to get started with text marketing. I will give it a try!

    • Thanks for dropping by Abel! I think text ALN will serve you well. Regardless you promote your own business, or Text ALN as a stand alone program.

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  3. Hey thanks for this post!

    Wow this does seem like exciting news, can’t wait for it! I wasn’t aware I could market through text messages so certainly learnt something new today, anyways I can see this text aln being a major breakthrough for business owners, it does seem like a powerful tool!

    • Text message marketing is something that everyone should definitely check out and get familiar with. Text ALN is definitely great for marketing in US and Canada I believe. But be advised that It’s the only people there who can receive inbound messages.

      I live in Norway, and in my resent research I discovered Textmagic. But as far that I can tell, you don’t have the possibility to combine the software with email marketing within. Text ALN does. So do your research what suits your needs best.

      All the best,


  4. I will not only share this with my friends, but I will also share it with my team. We have been working on improving our email marketing. But we must begin to incorporate Text Messages into our marketing tactics. I agree with you on the strength of text messaging. Virtually everyone has a phone, and text messaging costs are minimal.

  5. Thank you for sharing Small Business Text Message Marketing!

    I have actually heard of something similar to this before when i was working with B2B and restaurants!

    I like the convenience of sending and receiving texts because everyone reads their texts.

    How does this compare to email marketing?

    Are the conversions better since it is SMS?

    I would actually love to take a deeper look into this maybe it could help my business!

    • The for dropping by Lorenz Valdez! Glad you found the article interesting.
      SMS marketing has a striking edge over email marketing in terms of open rate. The average open rate for an SMS campaign is as high as 98% while email rings in at just 20%. By extension, response rates for text messages are much higher than emails as well.

      In other words, I would definitely incorporate it in any business adventure!

      All the best,


  6. Wow, this is really interesting. I knew there were a lot of rules around texting potential customers and clients, but I had no idea how to navigate those. You offer some really useful tools here for those of us who don’t have a good understanding of text message marketing. I had never heard of TextALN before. You described it well.

    • Thanks for dropping by Marissa! Text Messages is a great way to get in touch with your customers and prospects. But it’s important you stay compliant. Remember, this is hot leads that have given their numbers and are agreed to receive information regards your business and other commercial material.

      Text ALN is good. however, I would  suggest that you take a look at This Alternative. No monthly fees and you pay as you go.

      All the best,


  7. Hi Fred,

    I wish this was around when I was in several MLM businesses, I would probably still be involved with those businesses if I had this type of ALN text marketing structure. Back around 20 years ago text messaging was just coming out and most people couldn’t relate to texting they preferred a phone call. Back then there was a busy signal sound when someone you tried to reach was using their phone. Back then you used mailing services, door knocking, flyers, recruiting family and friends, hold small to large meetings out of your home (expensive and time-consuming)! I wish I had a good reason to use this ALN text messaging service now to drive more traffic to my website. I do have your website bookmarked and when I need your services I will let you know. 

    Great Job,

    CJ “Super Cycled” Allen

    • Thanks for dropping by CJ “Super Cycled” Allen! I’m glad you found the article usefull!. Luckily, even you’re part of an MLM, or any business models for that matter, you don’t need to knock on doors, cold calling or recruiting friends and family members. You just end up in NFL Club. I’m   sure you know what this means by being in the industry 😉

      You just need to create a good sales funnel. Create One Here With A 14 Day FREE Trial! Then promote it the right way. Use tools like sms marketing and email marketing, and you are good to go!

      All the best,


  8. Great article; thank you for sharing “Small Business Text Message Marketing”. You did a great job explaining how it works, and I love the examples of different ways we can use it. Marketing is critical and can take any business to a different level. Thank you. Have a great day. Regards. Vlad

    • Thanks for dropping by Vlad@GrowToLevelUp! I’m glad you found the article useful! Yes, The most important thing is marketing and your relationship with your customers. Cultivate your lists and you doing a better job compared to the rest. 

      All the best,


  9. I didn’t realize text marketing could be so benefiting. I have heard of email marketing before, but for some reason never thought of the scale text marketing could bring in. It is also great that you’re able to interact with customers very quick and efficiently. I haven’t seen such a detailed post about message marketing before, very good job. I like how you go in depth about which different kind of companies could be using these strategies. Great post!

    • Thanks for dropping by Alex! Glad you found the article informative. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you should focus on email marketing in your business. Text messages should also be a part of any advertising strategy to increase sales.

      Furthermore, SMS marketing has a better open rate compared to emails.

      Hope my article gives you an idea on how to better market any business or opportunity.

      Feel free to browse around and reach out to me if you have any questions.

      All the best,


  10. Hi, it cannot be overemphasized, you have ably shown how text messaging can greatly boost business awareness and eventually revenue. The scope you have covered is simply a testimony to the power of SMSs. Already they are companies whose business is offering bulk texting. I think and hope that any business may not need anymore to outsource this service if they could only buy and install Text ALN software and run their private text marketing campaigns. Thank you very much, once again.texting

    • Thanks for dropping by Hawumba! Glad you found the article usefull! Hopefully businesses forward and on see the huge potential with text message marketing. Although Text ALN surely is a great choice, there may be better options out there. It’s all depending on needs and cost effectiveness.

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