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The Potential Of Online Live Chats

There is a discussion in the online world, about more businesses should start using live chat. This is a topic on Warrior Forum where the creator of the post had following hypothesis of the benefits:

  1. Engage Your Users in Real-Time
  2. Enhance Your Pre-Sale Strategy
  3. Optimize and Shorten Your Sales Funnel
  4. Improve The Customer Experience
  5. Provide Instant Support

There are different opinions about this topic and that’s understandable. Because if you got a well-established business online, you most likely using bots with Pre made messages with options. Maybe you can type in a word, or a phrase and it would send you to the opt in page, or what not.

Some have positive experience with this kind of technology, and some just surfing around for another site with fewer distractions.

Using technology like this means you need to know how to keep it interesting and engaging for your visitors. The same goes with live chats.

What Is The Drawbacks Of Online Live Chats?

If you are into internet marketing business somehow I surely believe you have been on Facebook and someone contacted you through messenger and says something like this: “hey, I’m a Bitcoin CEO and I want you on my team and helping you to make money”. Or something similar. you are then provided with a link to a designated opt in page.

The funny thing is that you got exactly the same messages, word for word from different kind of people. That’s because they are part of the same MLM program, or worse, a pyramid scam. They have a copy and paste template.

This goes for bots as well.

They are provided with the same bot software with Pre made sales letters. Built in to it. This is pretty annoying .

Think of how many resources, time and money just to train and hire the personal for the position. It’s cheaper to hand over a pre-made sales letter.

Sure if you have a big business, different teams with different tasks, this would be something to consider. But do they make enough money to cover the costs of time and money? Most of the live chat have Pre made messages system either way.

Big corporations have live chat support service with proper trained personal. No bots can replace live chat service. But it surely can save you for a lot of time and money. And the quality of the live chat services, well, they vary in quality.

But for the fun of it, let’s break down the list of the five positive sides

  • Engage Your Users in Real-Time

Yes, obviously.

  • Enhance Your Pre-Sale Strategy

Nothing more, or less than using a bot. Think about how you would like to be presented a product? I personally would like an email with pictures, the benefits and so on with a link where I can order. Or a website. Nothing is more annoying than someone trying to convince you to buy a product over live chat or over the phone. It’s just like the pushy bitcoin recruiter on messenger.

  • Optimize and Shorten Your Sales Funnel

If you are going to present a deep sale first, you should got an enormously trust with your targeted buyer. You also need to offer a huge freebie. Otherwise, I don’t personally believe this is a smart way to go.

  • Improve The Customer Experience

Sure. As long as the person behind the keyboard knows how to treat customers and have focus on helping and provide you with proper customer support.

  • Provide Instant Support

The same goes here as the last point.


For some businesses it would surely be beneficial towards the costumers with an online live chat service. However, if you don’t do any kind of services like:

  • webinars
  • online coaching
  • selling a physical or digital product where you are the owner, or the creator
  • run a hosting service
  • web forum

I can’t see any reason to use any money on it as an affiliate marketer.

I have solely written this blog post or article if you want purely on my own thoughts about the subject. Maybe you have any other opinion about the topic?

Do you have a online live chat service within your business? How about a text bot? What is your experience with it? I would love to hear your opinion about this subject!

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