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Two New Reviews Cooming Soon!

I Have earlier Reviewed one of Michael Cheney’s products, The Commission Machine. I didn’t buy that product, however, I have invested in his high end product, The 7 Figure Franchise. ( A review of this particular product will come in the nearest future, so keep an eye out for it).

Now you probably wonder, “but hey, you didn’t give The Commission Machine a special good review, so why did you bought his 7 Figure Franchise?”

Good Question! Keep reading…

You Can Read My First Review Here. After some new AHA moments, I will provide you with an updated review of The Commission Machine.

I searched the internet for more products to review and found my way to YouTube. A good place to cross-check the reviews. And as always, you find reviews of people recommend a product, or advise you to stay clear. People who advise you to stay clear of a particular product, will probably guide you to buy, or sign up for another product instead.

Always Cross Check Reviews And Look for Patterns!

Why do different people tend to promote the same product as an alternative? To earn a commission! Nothing wrong with that, as long as they are honest and can stand for what they say. (Not lying, or are negative towards the opposite of the products they promote, just to make their commissions). And most importantly, the other products is indeed a better solution!

Know Your Products!

And one product could have amazing training and other have amazing services in email marketing. People forget to do reviews based on the meaning of the products.

  • Is it to give you training for affiliate marketing?
  • Is it service for hosting?
  • Is it a done for you program to target beginners with no website?
  • Is it for experts with knowledge in programming?

You need to know what purpose the product have and write a review based on that! Many people fail miserable here!

Unfortunately most of the negative reviews are due to not be familiar with the product, the business model behind it, or how it works. They just don’t know and don’t have all the facts!

We all have done that from time to time. Just because we really don’t know any better. My self included. That’s why I’m going to write a new review of The Commission Machine again. This post is to admit for you that I make mistakes too. I want to show you that I want to help you and my heart is in the right place.

Read The Revised Review Of The Commission Machine 

So, you just have to take all reviews online with a grain of salt. Instead, search for products from people with experience with the particular product, a product from a company with good reputation, search for a product from people who have been in the business for a long time.

Then you have the best possibilities to take a well-informed decision about a product.

Changing Gears

With all these new highlights I decided to give the 12 Minutes Affiliate program a go. I couldn’t quite grasp my problem with Opt in page and how to do this. Also, I my mind couldn’t get any rest thinking of ” why wait so long to gather your email list? Yes, in the beginning of a career in the internet business you should focus on getting traffic through SEO and basic knowledge. But what about all those people already visited your website? What if they never come back?

Those people are possible leads that you will lose for EVER!

My Review Of 12 Minutes Affiliate Can You Read Here.

Why Do I Write This Blog Post?

Well as I said, I do make mistakes. I may have written some good reviews and some bad ones. I may get more information on a particular product along the way and have formed some new thoughts about a particular product. Also, as more I do research, the more I see different people tend to give poor value on a product review just to promote another. And guess what? They are part of the same affiliate program. But This also apply the other way around as well.

If different people make good reviews on the same product, and are part of the same affiliate program, you also should be aware.

The most important thing you can do is ask yourself those questions if you are going to trust a review, or the person behind it:

  • What is the purposes of a program /product/Service they review? (Is it a training program? Is it for making a website? Is it to give you traffic to your website. Etc.
  • Who is the product for? (Newbies? intermediates? experts?
  • Who can benefit from the product? You as a user? Or the person behind it to make money on you? Maybe both parties?
  • What is it in for others to promote it? Can you be part of the particular product? And most importantly, how much can you earn as an affiliate?

My Further Recommendation For My Readers

I want give you a tip. Follow a guy Named Kevin Whitsitt. He is on YouTube and Spotify. He is a cool dude, down to earth and have humor. He gives you great advises if you are in the internet business one way, or the other.

Also don’t do my mistake by making a decision on a review of a product and claim it doesn’t work, or its a scam or just plain out a bad product just because of juicy sales pitches, or claims of astronomical pay outs.

Yes, it could potentially be fake, and don’t deliver these kinds of amounts. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the product itself is bad, or have poor value. We are indeed in the internet marketing business after all, and need to look behind the sales pitches. Instead, find out what the product actually is and what it does.

OH, one more important thing to remember. There is lot of poor reviews based solely on many Upsells and down sells. I’m guilty here as well. It’s how this business works!

If not, affiliate marketers as you and me have no way to earn commissions. Think about it. Almost all programs out there cost around $20 the first month then $49 a month. Lastly for the more expensive one up to $2000.

But $2000 is one time investment. And still people advice programs where the cost is $359 for a year. In 5.6 year you have earned back those $2000. That’s even before considering the commissions. This is an extreme example.

How many of you don’t buy a new smart phone every year to a thousand dollars?

But, if the cost is the same, $ 49, don’t recommend product a over b because of the Upsells in product b, And you get a commission for product a.

The value of a product is how much commission you get and what you get out of the product.

Just remember, making money online takes time, investments and above all, time. Those astronomical numbers could happen in time. With hard work, money and dedication. Never expect immediately results. But don’t think it’s not possible either. It’s all up to you!

Don’t expect there is one product that does it all.

  1. There are no such things as a perfect product.
  2. There are no such things as, this is the only thing you need.
  3. There are many ways to Rome.

But there are however right ways to do things and wrong ways to do things.

What’s your thoughts about different reviews online? Are you guilty in some of those things I said? Have you ever be blinded and stuck in one specific product?

Leave me a comment below.

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