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I’m an affiliate marketer with links to an online retailer, and or, service on my website. When people read what I’ve written about a particular product, and or a service, and then click on those links and buy something from the retailer or signing up to a program, I earn a commission from the retailer or the program. This commission will in no way change the cost to you.

The Money Is In The List

Money Is in the list. You have heard it before. It’s an old cliché, but for a very good reason. Because list building is the secret for success in online business. Either you are an affiliate marketer, dropshipper, selling your own products, or services.

A service where you can leverage on email marketing is mentor ship, lifestyle coaching, webinars where you teach others a specific skills and many more.

List building is a part of internet marketing that is underestimated and neglected, because its hard work and it takes time.

Building Your Tribe Comes With A Lot Of Possibilities

Its take a lot of time to do. But it’s essential and has lots of income potential.

You have the possibility to capture your own customers and build a platform that you own. It automates your business and the marketing efforts.

What I mean about that is you can follow up you subscribers through pre written emails you send out.

Not just that you have possibilities to market several products or services, but you can update your subscribers with useful content and information about your business.

Build Your Relationships

List building and trust and are essential for further business relationship. Email Marketing is your direct line to your customers.

It maximizes profit through repeat customers, because they learn to trust you and your brand.

It takes 7 times before a customer are presented to an offer before they are ready to buy.

You have the possibility to increase that exposure throughout email campaigns and email broadcasts.

If you decide to buy 3 clicks to your opt in page only one will opt in.

Even though they opted in, there is no guarantee they will buy your product.

You need to get a relationship with your subscribers. They need to learn to trust you, and your products and your services.

That’s where the follow up campaign and broadcast comes into place!

You need to email your list frequently, at least 4 times a week with the same offer.

They need to get used to your frequency and when they can expect your emails. Sooner or later they will buy from you.

The True Numbers Behind The Success Stories

If you have an email list with 40 000 subscribers and 20 of them buy from you, it’s easy to see its possible to make $1000s of dollars online.

If 2 of the 20 buyers buy a product worth of $2000 dollars, Where you get $1000 in commission, and18 customers buying a product worth $20, where you get 100% commission, you have cashed in $2360 that month.

This is why top sellers can claim they earn thousands of dollars each month.

Because they have an (HUGE) email list they can promote high ticket offers to.

You can also achieve numbers like this. But you have to work hard and smart. You have to be consistent.

You have to get a lot of traffic and learn how to convert them into leads. This means you need to build your list. I recommend using AWeber.

Read My Review Of AWeber Here

They are widely used and can incorporate with the most programs out there. A lot of serious programs out there recommend Aweber.

How To Get Subscribers Fast!

To build your email list efficiency, you need to leverage on both payed traffic methods and free traffic methods.

If you have the money for it you should indeed buy all the traffic to your opt in page you can.

Organic traffic takes time, hard work and consistency. You also need the necessary skills to accomplish that.

There are two ways to get traffic to your website or to your product/services.

Payed traffic, or free traffic. Instant and targeted, or slow and steady.

You want to have your focus on warm traffic. This is traffic ready to buy, or at least subscribers interested in what you have to offer.

Read About Traffic Here

You can expect 30 cents return for each subscriber on your email list.

This means if 1 of 3 of your paid traffic opt in to your list, where you payed $1 for each click, you have used $3 on paid traffic to make 30 cents.

But sooner or later, it will even out and you will start to make money.

There Is A Program Called 12 Minute Affiliate.

12 Minute Affiliate

what is The 12 Minutes Affiliate program? Its a Done-For-You product (DFY) Developed by Devon Brown and David Sloan.

The purpose of the product is to give you a training program and opt in page used for email marketing, and give you the possibility to buy traffic through the program and you have your very own online business.

It’s integrated with Aweber autoresponder.

All you have to do is buy the traffic through the program and point the direction of the traffic to the landing page you want inside the program.

(You can put a landing page of your choice inside the program, but the traffic get directed to the pre made landing pages within the system).

THAT’S IT! IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU! But it’s not free to buy traffic…..

In The End….

It doesn’t matter how much traffic your website got, it doesn’t matter how many followers you got on Instagram or, YouTube. It even doesn’t matter if you have 10 000s of people on your list.

In a nutshell… SEO, website, Keyword rich content, videos, pictures…. all those things… IT DOESN’T MATTER!

If you don’t convert to any sales or know how to follow up with your subscribers that is.

You need to know what to do with your list and how to promote to convert to sales.

If you know how to do all this, then you will make good money. 99 % of your money is in the list. You need to sell to make money!

If you ever need a program that will help you build your list with laser targeted buyers, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help you out.

Get Your Long Range Weapon And Put Down The Commissions!

All the best,

Fred Eimhjellen, founder of

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    1. Hello Barbara, thanks for dropping by. Yes, AWeber is fantastic, easy to use and offers a lot of useful integrations and possibilities! How long have you driven traffic? What methods do you using for traffic? I will be gladly checking out your website and see if I can give you any helpful ideas! 😊

      Have a wonderful day,

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