Legendary Marketer Review

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This Is The Legendary Marketer Review. The Legendary Marketers are a complete training platform for online marketers and businesses. It is made up of several low, medium, and high ticket products. It’s the brainchild of David Sharpe. He was an experienced online marketer who has earned well over two hundred million dollars online doing online marketing.

Is Legendary marketer legit

The Legendary Marketer consists of different products which are available in video training. Some of the content consist of PDF and MP3 as well. Apart from that, they do provide weekly webinars and these live events are where they mastermind different kinds of training programs.

The Legendary Marketer is available for anybody who wants to learn through any of the front-end ticket offers. The price ranges from $1 to $7.

After that, you enroll through the fifteen-day challenge and this is where you would be introduced to the key concepts of the program and you would equally be introduced to what the system is all about, and the different courses. Watch A FREE Video About It HERE.

The most outstanding feature of this program is that every new member is carried by the hand and educated one hundred percent about the program. This is because on enrollment you are assigned to a business advisor. The advisor is to guide you throughout the process as you go through the challenge. If you need help in the process, you can contact that business advisor and he or she will see you through until you get everything you require from that program.


Product Name: Legendary Marketer Program

Product Type: Training platform provides online courses and Affiliate product

Creator: David Sharpe

Created: 2019

Best For: Everyone

Price: $1 to $30 000

Recommended: YES!

Introduction Of Legendary Marketer

If you are looking for an easy way to earn money online, you do well by reading this Legendary Marketer review. When you invest in this program it will teach you how to make money on the internet. Not only that, but you will benefit from The Legendary Marketer, even if you have a brick and mortar store, or even if you are involved with other opportunities like MLM.

The Legendary Marketer It is a one-level affiliate system. A standard commission based system. This is not a multi-level marketing system. As a program, it teaches you everything you need to know about online marketing and it allows you to earn money. This program is a full course training system and the aim is to teach you how best to earn money. Apart from training you on how to earn money, you can start earning from that system by becoming part of their affiliate program.

Overview Of The Products:

  • Bundle of Traffic Rolodex – a training program to use paid sources to drive traffic. Its one-time fee is $247.
  • Masterclass of Legendary Builder – this course has 4 main segments including Attraction code, Master of Enrollment, Profitable Presentation, and Formula of storytelling. Its one-time fee is $2,500.
  • Masterclass of Legendary Leader– it teaches you how to become a leader as well as building a brand. Its one-time fee is $5,000.
  • Business Blueprint for Affiliate Marketing – It will teach you the ways to get a setup, filter thousands of online products to find some which you can promote. Its one-time fee is $2,500.
  • Business Blueprint for Digital Products – it teaches you the ways to channelize your passion or knowledge in written text, audio, or video format to get your customers from the stage of planning to the delivery of the curriculum. Its one-time fee is $2,500.
  • Business Blueprint for Consulting and Coaching – It will teach you the ways to recognize your niche, clarify your pitch, and create your offers. Its one-time fee is $2,500.
  • Business Blueprint for Masterminds and Events – it will teach you the ways to plan and host your mastermind or events and make profits from them. Its one-time fee is $2,500.

It teaches you everything you need to know about the affiliate program, and you can learn certain things about it and it is going to be the fundamentals of internet marketing and it is alongside the affiliate program. The most important thing about this system is that apart from the fact that it teaches you how to earn money from the system, it can also offer you a wonderful opportunity to earn money. This is an amazing program and you should not miss the opportunities that come with it.

Overview Of Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is a wonderful platform that offers you mainly two things. It teaches you how to make money from the internet. Secondly, it offers you the opportunity of making your own money from the system through its affiliate program. But They teach you how to make money in several other areas as well. For example, they teach you how to sell your own digital products and services.

If you are an aspiring marketer and you are looking for ways of earning money from the internet, this may be a great opportunity for you to get started. They offer different categories of products which include low, medium as well as high ticket products. It is a handwork of a professional internet marketer named David Sharpe who has earned well over two hundred million dollars on the internet.

The product offers its members different as well as useful resources. These tools and resources are great for every member including new and experienced online users. These resources are great and you can benefit from them in the long and short run.

This program covers a log of areas and these include several areas like:

  • Lead Generation
  • Facebook Marketing strategies
  • Instagram marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok marketing
  • Content marketing (blogging)

And More!

This has the affiliate marketing concept and this offers you the opportunity to earn while you learn at the same time. Its affiliate program marketing is much better than what you get elsewhere since it has different twists, turns as well as approaches to online entrepreneurship.

The rate of commission for basic affiliates can vary between 10% and 30% but for the affiliates of Pro level, it can be from 40% to 60%.

The commissions they can earn on the products discussed above are listed hereunder:

  • For the Club of Legendary Marketer, Pro affiliate will get $18 and Basic $9
  • For Traffic Rolodex Pro affiliate will get $98.80 and basic $24.70
  • For Affiliate Business Blueprint Pro affiliate will get $1,000 and basic $250
  • For Digital Products Business Blueprint Pro affiliate will get $1,000 and basic $250
  • For Consulting and Coaching Business Blueprint Pro affiliate will earn $1,000 and basic $250
  • For Masterminds and Events, Business Blueprint Pro affiliate will earn $1,000 and basic $250
  • For Marketer Mastermind Pro affiliate will get $3,200 and basic $800
  • For Entrepreneur Mastermind Pro affiliate will earn $4,800 and basic $480

The courses are great and it is also highly informative and you are going to learn a lot from them. These courses are great and anyone can benefit from them. Irrespective of your level of involvement this course is very great and it is good for anyone who wants to use it. Whether you are a beginner or you are an experienced user, this course is good because it comes with everything you require and it can improve the techniques as well, as well as your marketing strategies and methods.

To become an affiliate you can choose from two options provide by Legendary:

  • The basic option allows you to join as an affiliate free of cost. It allows you to earn commissions from 10-30% on selling the products promoted by you.
  • The pro option of an affiliate program allows you to earn commissions from 40-60% on the sales of products promoted by you just by paying a monthly fee of $30.

After signing up for any of these options, the cost of joining Legendary Marketer can go as high as $30,000 due to a number of upsells. It does not include any special event presented by Legendary Marketer or your monthly fee of $30.

The price of becoming affiliate can increase if you add the curriculum of live mastermind or live events like:

  • The cost of Mastermind Legendary Marketer is $8,000
  • The cost of Mastermind Legendary Entrepreneur is $12,000

In this way you will have to spend thousands of dollars more if you buy any of these upsells.

Legendary Marketer Is Best For…

This affiliate training platform course is targeted to every internet user and entrepreneurs alike. It is great for beginners as well as intermediate and experts in the field. If you are looking for the best way to kick-starting your affiliate marketing business, your store or services, then you can think of this program. It remains one, if not, the best training platform out there. The program touches on a lot of things and it teaches you the core fundamentals and you need all these to succeed in any kind of online or offline business you do.

Even if you have already started your affiliate and online marketing business and you think that you are not doing well with that, then you can think of this program. It can straighten you since it gives you everything you need including the information you require to succeed.

Why Choose The Legendary Marketer?

It offers great online programs and provides high-quality training and support.

There are lots of good things about this program that you will like and which makes it great. The first is that it provides superior quality training which is needed by everybody whether you are new or an experienced online marketer or an entrepreneur. What you gain from that is actually what you value from the system. It is going to help you and educate you more on how to earn money through your businesses.

You get plenty of resources when you join the program and one of them is the Legendary affiliate marketing book and which is packed with great value. There is also the Copywriter’s Playbook as well as 15 Second leads Training and the value of this program is $1.

Furthermore, you can get access to the 15-Day Online Business Challenge and when you get this, it prepares you for the task ahead and it does that by making you take action right away. This is going to make you take to the right path. Within three days you acquire the right and useful information here.

The other thing you get from here is the Marketers Club. It can help you to get access to important interviews and training. This includes information from 6 to 7 Figure affiliates and it equally comes with a weekly webinar replay and this can walk you through the most difficult aspect of the program.

The other interesting feature of this program is the affiliate program that they provide. This comes with the best affiliate backbends that you can think of. Legendary offers you a lot of opportunities and funnels are such that make you plenty of money.

They offer you all the necessary funnels and this means that you have Click Funnels integration. Because of that, you are going to customize the channel the way to suit you the most. Even with a third-party email service.

Besides, this makes it easy for you to apply the standard affiliate links to promote the offers. Moreover, their affiliate links make it possible to insert tracking id which is also known as sub id, and with this, it is possible to allow you to track where your sales returns from.

The system also makes it easier to integrate GetResponse, Aweber, and SendLand to the system as your email responder. The importance of this is that it makes it easier to track your leads and follow that up immediately.

The service is not restricted only to these three email services; you can also integrate other emails of your choice such as Zapier. Don’t have an autoresponder? The Legendary Marketer program can send out follow up emails on your behalf!

There are other useful features available in the program like affiliate badges as the leader boards and this makes it enterprising and more competitive. Besides, this makes it possible to put your Click Funnels as well as GetResponse and Aweber affiliate links to the back end. These are ways of earning commissions when any of your affiliates buy through your link.

Constantly Evolves And Updates

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of this product is that the system is constantly evolving and updating and this is for the better. It is great, and the weekly training program became part of the system at the beginning of 2019. Other features were added in 2020 like 15 seconds of free leads with TikTok and Copywriters Playbook. These are some of the great ways of enhancing the product and enhance your training as well.

In the same way, the other features such as the Marketers Club keep on putting new content or information into the system, just as the Business Blueprints improves by adding Decade in a Day Training. It is not surprising that the program continues to be more attractive as time passes by.

There are lots of improvements in the system. Some of the rules which make the system unpalatable were changed and improved so that nobody would have anything to complain about the system.

It now makes it easier to promote any product using the system and you can do that without having to purchase that product. This means that this program is no longer what it used to be which is Pay and Play.

Legendary Marketer Offers Super Responsive Support

One of the key features to consider before you join any kind of program is the kind of support they provide. You are going to like this program for it because they offer super responsive support and if there is anything about this system that you do not understand, you can be assisted in such a way you understand and keep rolling. If you have a query, there will always be someone who would respond to your question even when the Zendesk chat platform is offline.

Because of the wonderful features, and the possibilities you have inside and outside of the platform, this is one hundred percent recommended.

Legendary Marketer is the best online education platform and as you can see from the information above, it focuses on teaching you how to make money both online and offline. More than that the system also makes it easy for you to earn money through the platform. When you promote those products or services online you are getting paid commissions.

Who Is Legendary Marketer For? And Who Has Benefit From Legendary Marketer?

If you are an internet marketer and you are an aspiring internet marketer or affiliate marketer, then this product is meant for you. If you are a brick and mortar business owner, then this product is meant for you. If you provide any kind of customer service, This product is meant for you.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an experienced user, you can gain a lot from this since it is meant for you.

Moreover, if you earn money online in any kind of shape or form, you can benefit from this system. It teaches you everything you need to know about online marketing and building a profitable business. If you were already earning money, you can add the program to your tool belt and arsenal, since you can earn more commissions. This means that it is good for any person who aspires to earn money online.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

It works simply. If you purchase any of the plans which range from $1 to $7 and you would be enrolled in the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. Within these 15 days, you are going to learn everything you need to know about the program. It is affordable and you can perform most of the tasks.

Work From Anywhere With Legendary Marketer

  • Day 1: Strategies To Starting & Scaling A High-Ticket Business
  • Day 2: The “Core 4” Business Models Online
  • Day 3: Watch Me Build A Business In Under 30 Minutes
  • Day 4: How To Master The Inner Game Of Wealth
  • Day 5: The Big Day – Developing Your Business Plan!
  • Day 6: You Got Questions, and I Got Answers!
  • Day 7: When Should I Quit My Job To Build My Business Full-Time?
  • Day 8: What Are High-Income Skills And Why Do You Need Them?
  • Day 9: Skill #1 – Lead Generation
  • Day 10: Skill #2 – Copywriting
  • Day 11: Skill #3 – Sales & Presenting
  • Day 12: What, When & Where To Outsource
  • Day 13: Using “OPM” To Build The Business
  • Day 14: 4 Ways To Avoid “Wantrepreneur Syndrome”
  • Day 15: Getting The First Sale & The Journey To Success

You then will get access to:

    • The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook so you can learn how to finally make money with affiliate marketing.
    • The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge that takes you through step by step video tutorials to learn David Sharpe’s complete “Affiliate Domination Formula”.
    • 1-1 Business Plan consultations with a Legendary business advisor to keep you accountable and taking action.
    • Affiliate Domination Ads, Email, Video, Phone Scripts, Email Templates, Video and Phone Scripts so you start promoting Legendary using proven, converting assets.

15-Second Free Leads

get free leads with tiktok

One of the hottest social platforms these days is TikTok. While the platform seems geared towards teenagers, I know a lot of people who are seeing great success using TikTok to drive leads and make sales with Legendary.

This product where you learn how to build your business with TikTok is well worth it for only $1.

This gives you:

  • The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook so you can learn how to finally make money with affiliate marketing.
  • The 15-Days Business Builder Challenge that takes you through step by step video tutorials to learn David Sharpe’s complete “Affiliate Domination Formula”.
  • 1-1 Business Plan consultations with a Legendary business advisor to keep you accountable and taking action.
  • Affiliate Domination Ads, Email, Video, Phone Scripts, Email Templates, Video and Phone Scripts so you start promoting Legendary using proven, converting assets.

Legendary Marketers Club

The Marketers Club product is the only offer that pays out recurring affiliate commissions. It’s basically a set of training modules that feature both interviews with 6 and 7 figure marketers and training videos on specific online marketing topics.

Some of the lessons inside include:

  • Kevin Harrington Interview (48 min)
  • Mark Harbert Interview (103 min)
  • Nathan Lucas Interview (86 min)
  • The Journey to 250,000 YouTube Subscribers (149 min)
  • What to Do and Say to sell more stuff (42 min)
  • You’re One Story Away: How to Use Story to Succeed Online (56 min)

Every week, Matt Heltzel, Legendary’s Chief Marketing Officer does a live webinar focused around a specific topic. And after each one, the replays get posted into the Marketer’s Club.

Traffic University

One of the high ticket product that Legendary offers is the Traffic University. Traffic is the lifeblood of any affiliate marketer. You need traffic for people to see your offers and click on your affiliate links. Traffic University specifically teaches you how to use various paid traffic strategies.

Each of these trainings are conducted by a company called AdSkills.

AdSkills is an on-demand training company that specializes in paid advertising methods. It’s run by Justin Brooke who ran his own 7 figure digital ad agency that made millions for his clients.

If you signed up directly with Adskills, you would have to pay $5k to get access to them. But since these are part of the Traffic Rolodex, you’ll get access to these 8 modules for just $1,497.

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Native Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube 3.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0

Business Blueprints Starter

The main high ticket that Legendary Marketer offers.

In Day 2 of the Challenge, David Sharpe talks about the Core 4 high ticket business models, which are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Products
  3. Events and Masterminds
  4. Coaching & Consulting

These business models work because they meet these 3 criteria that make you money.

  1. Getting more customers
  2. Doing repeat business with those same customers
  3. Selling higher ticket products to increase revenue

Legendary has business blueprints for each of these 4 high ticket business models. Each blueprint is a full video training that does a deep dive on each topic.

For example, here’s a look at some of what’s inside the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Blueprint

One huge advantage is that each blueprint do come with a written PDF and mp3s of each lesson you can consume or review the content offline.

Digital Products Business Blueprint

  • Digital products, nevertheless, are in a league of their own for several reasons.
  • Digital products are easy to make, distribute, significantly sustainable, can be replicated, and are oftentimes simpler to create.
  • With just a laptop, any person is capable of making a digital product worthy of sharing or selling.
  • No physical materials required, factories required, or staff required. Just a laptop, a sprinkle of passion, innovation, and drive, and some time.
  • Selling physical products, whether handmade or created by on machines else and onsold, is highly unpredictable, and very time-consuming
  • There are several complexities involved in shipping, international customers, taxes, laws, importing, inventory management, and so on.
  • Inside the Digital Products Business Blueprint, you’ll learn how to turn your knowledge or passion into an audio, video or written format, write a book and sell it.
  • From planning your curriculum to delivery, then onto getting your first customer online.

This program will cost you $2500 for a lifetime and constant updates.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

When we talk about freelancing and low-cost business, coaching and consulting business counts as number one. When you take Coaching or consulting as a career it’s like taking your expertise or passion and turning it into a service-based business where you work on a retainer basis or contract basis.

It is quite possibly the fastest and easiest way to get into business for yourself and start generating revenue. The best part about taking consulting or coaching as a career choice or business choice is;

  • There is no overhead
  • No office space required or advanced tech skills needed.
  • Sales and appointments can be done via webinar or Skype and billing can be handled via Online Payment Apps.

The course for this for $2500 with lifetime access.

Events And Masterminds Business Blueprint

  • Although the world is getting digital, we still look out for human touch.
  • We still want to show up and feel the energy.
  • Shake hands.
  • Talk about your business.
  • Network.

With the Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint you’ll learn:

  • How to plan an event
  • Host an event and
  • How to gain profit from your live event

In this course, you’ll also learn how to save on costs, who to hire, and where to host your events. You’ll also learn the art of science of becoming a talented facilitator who creates an atmosphere of growth your clients will love you for & pay you to attend the event.

This course will also cost you $2500 with lifetime access

What Can Legendary Marketer Do for YOU?

A legendary marketer can take you by the hands and teach you how to earn money. You can also earn money from the system as well. It is an educative program and it is more than the educative program.

The Purpose Of This Review

The purpose of this review and this product is to equip you with useful information and knowledge about earning money online through affiliate marketing and to show you where to learn high income skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, even an expert, this offers you wonderful training about making money. Moreover, it offers you the opportunity to earn money as well. The program is very simple and easy to use.

How To Use Legendary Marketer

It is simple and easy to use and the process is self-explanatory. Once you purchase your membership and enroll through the 15 days training program you would be ready to use the program and earn money. You can affiliate any product of your choice such as Amazon products and so on. The program comes with features that make it possible to follow up leads and monitor your performance. It also comes with an autoresponder feature and you can integrate with a third-party email.

The beauty and the ugly


  • Great place to start with their business builder challenge
  • Content covers all major areas of digital marketing
  • High-quality content presented by experienced marketers
  • Generous affiliate commissions’ (on the paid affiliate plan)
  • Access to an engaged Facebook community group of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • 30-day refund policy on all products
  • Earn from other platforms as a Legendary Affiliate
  • Personal business coach to help guide you
  • The products are constantly evolving
  • Fantastic customer support and team
  • Awesome affiliate program and value ladder
  • Amazing affiliate back end
  • Passive way of earning commissions
  • Get support from your personal trainer or coach
  • Offers weekly training webinar


  • Restricted list of countries
  • May not be accepted to their affiliate program
  • Need to pay monthly to earn full commissions’

Unfortunately, Legendary Marketer have a pretty restrictive list of countries that are blocked from joining. This is due to restrictions with their payment processors and affiliate eWallet provider.

If you are on the blocked countries list, you’re basically out of luck for signing up.

List Of Blocked Countries

  • Afghanistan
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Benin
  • Bhutan
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burma
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Congo
  • Cuba
  • Dominica
  • Egypt
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Fiji
  • French Southern Territories
  • Gambia
  • Georgia
  • Ghana
  • Grenada
  • Guadeloupe
  • Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Guyana
  • Haiti
  • Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • Herzegovina
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Ivory
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kenya
  • Korea
  • Kosovo
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos
  • Lebanon
  • Lesotho
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Macedonia
  • Madagascar
  • Magnitsky
  • Malaysia
  • Mali
  • Mayotte
  • Micronesia
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • North Korea
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Pakistan
  • Paraguay
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Rwanda
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Martin
  • Senegal
  • Serbia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Solomon Islands
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sudan
  • Swaziland
  • Syria
  • Tajikistan
  • Tanzania
  • Timor-Leste (East Timor)
  • Togo
  • Tonga
  • Tunisia
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uganda
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vanuatu
  • Vatican City
  • Venezuela
  • Vietnam
  • Wallis and Futuna
  • Yemen
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

If you’re on the list I have a solution for another quality training platform: Join This Online Training Platform. You can begin your online journey for FREE! Here you will get help from a community consisting of entrepreneurs from all around the world. It’s a great place to learn affiliate marketing and how to build an online business.


Legendary Marketer is a wonderful online training program. It can serve different purposes which include training and offering of affiliate products. This program is good for any internet marketer whether you are a beginner or an advanced marketer. It takes you by the hand and teaches you affiliate marketing. Most importantly it is affordable and profitable.

My Thoughts

Legendary Marketer sells a wide variety of programs, products, and services.

They definitely understand the importance of the “value ladder.” You Can Read More About Value Ladder And The Importance Of A Value Ladder HERE!

They start with affiliate marketing (helping you sell other peoples products) to creating your own products, to then offering high-ticket consulting and coaching. In other words, they practice what they preach.

Sure, some of their products are pretty expensive, but think about it this way:

  • would you invest $1 to make $10 or $100 in return?
  • would you invest $3000 to make $30 000?

What is it worth to you and your business?

If you put the time into the courses and taking action upon what they teach you, you will have a great chance to succeed with your business. I know there is some people who doesn’t recommend The Legendary Marketer because they think they teach you only to promote The Legendary Marketer. This is NOT the case. You can promote whatever you want, and they even have programs to teach you how to sell your own products and courses.

I highly recommend The Legendary Marketer. It’s in fact some of the best online training programs out there that I have encountered. You have a wide range of courses suited for every business needs. you have the possibility to get one on one coaching and they build a tailored business blueprint for your business.

Legendary Marketer Review Summary

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Product Type: Online Business Training Programs

Creator: David Sharpe

Best for: People who want to build an online business, or want to expand their current online business

price: $1 – $ 30 000

  • Legendary Marketers’s Club: $30/month
  • Business Blueprint Bundle: $2500 (One-Time)

Recommended: YES!

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Where You Should Begin Your Journey

Don’t worry. I will guide you in the right direction. Just Reach Out To Me Anytime! Follow people who have already achieved their core desire. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t work harder. Work smarter!

Another advice that I want to share with you is to invest in systems that gives you the core elements on how to make money online.

I have support from established entrepreneurs in all kinds of field from all over the world! Are you smart enough to learn and let someone teach you how you can achieve your core desire?

Before You Leave…

This will complete the post. I hope you have actually discovered a bit more about different opportunities and can make a much better decision whether those services can assist you and your financial resources or not.

Have you ever tried out, or any comparable service before? I wish to become aware of your experience by commenting below.

If you decide to jump on board and join my team, I will hold your hand and guide you whenever you’re stuck. You’ll never be alone!

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  1. The Legendary Marketer Program is a great platform to get quality training on affiliate marketing. You really did justice to it by giving a demystifying review about the system. Making money online requires constant learning as the tech industry is constantly evolving. Legendary Marketer Program is something that I consider worthy of every time and dime spent on it. Thank you for this review.

    • Hello Peter. Happy new year to you and thanks for dropping by!

      It’s not many quality education platforms out there with so many great coaches and and products to choose from. They do an fantastic job to keep their members up to date with current marketing methods. And the income potential with the products alone is amazing!

      Stay safe!


  2. Affiliate marketing is the wave of the future.  As more and more brick and mortar stores close their doors, this will be used more and more.  Even this platform, which teaches us how to affiliate market takes advantage of the system to encourage people to sign up.  It also sounds like a great program for a wide variety of people who wish to become affiliate marketers, improve their game or use affiliate marketing to increase sales for their own business.  For $1, it’s worth checking out!

    • Hello Cynthia. Thanks for dropping by!

      Affiliate marketing will always be a great way for people to build their own online business. But it’s important to know what niches to choose and the process. Luckily The Legendary Marketer teaching you everything you need to know how to build your own business. Not only in affiliate marketing, but in several ways so you can choose the courses that’s suits you. For $7 you will learn the basics and get your foundation up and running. From this point on it’s up to you to scale the business and make it profitable.

      All the best,


  3. This is great! I have heard a lot about legendary marketer and I have heard both goods and bad about it. I have considered it for a while because I literally have 0 experience with it and I am unuser of whether or not it will help someone like me who has no experience get started with an online business. Thank you for this

    • Legendary Marketer is perfect even you are a beginner. This is a great place to start, just to get a feel of how online business works. You will learn what will work in the long run and it’s an easy, cheap and a great way to get started. No experience necessary and if it’s not for you, you only have spent $7. 

      I’m hoping this will  bring some highlights for you.

      I wish you all the best Misael and thanks for dropping by!


  4. I just read your Legendary Marketer review. I learn better when it’s an interactive marketing platform – like Wealthy Affiliate.  The one-time fee of $247. Then there’s a $5,000 fee, and more. By the time you get “trained” for this to learn how to make money, you will have spent at least $20,000. This is not realistic for people who are just starting out online. I love wealthy affiliate’s monthly fee of $49 a month for premium. For premium, you get access to everything you need to learn how to build your own website, and start making money online.  I’ll stick to WA.

    • Thanks for dropping by Shalisha!

      I don’t think that you have a clear understanding of what LM really is or have read the review entirely. It’s an interactive online marketing platform with opportunity to dive in to different kinds of online training programs they are offering. Yes, some of them are indeed expensive. But you don’t need them. 

      You can learn a lot by taking the 15 days challenge that cost  you $7 and earn full commission on every products for $30 a month. 

      You will learn how to get traffic on different social platform, what kinds of ads to place, where to place them and how to make them at Legendary marketer. You will learn how to make your social media profile and channels to  be business friendly.  The list goes on and on.

      There is a weekly call every Monday where you have the possibility to interact with the trainers with different topics. The good thing  about Legendary Marketer is that you are constantly up to date with the latest marketing strategies. you can interact with the community on Facebook as well.

      I don’t know where  you got your numbers from. But if you buy just one course, let’s say the affiliate marketing blueprint, that will set you back $2500 one time plus $30 recurring if you want full commissions  on the products the Legendary Marketer offers.

      However, you can join Legendary Marketer and promote whatever you want. 

      So if you thought you have to spend $20 000 to learn how to make money online you got that part wrong. I recommend you to learn more about what Legendary Marketer is really about. That will cost you only $7.

      Wealthy Affiliate is great when it comes to learn how to build a website and keyword research. Im currently involved with both. Legendary Marketer and Wealthy affiliate. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is superior to 



      Keyword research

      Legendary Marketer Is superior to

      Marketing strategy

      Funnel building


      Lead generation

      Income potential

      The thing I hate about LM is that they don’t offer payment to your PayPal account. And there is a lot of countries that are not eligible to join. 

      Both Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer is great programs. I recommend both of them.

      Hope that clarifying some things for you. See you inside WA!

      All the best,


  5. Hi, thank you for writing this review, as I didn’t even know that it existed. It looks like a very decent program to learn all about profitable online business and how to start. But it does seem very expensive though. Are there any other learning platforms out there that you know of that are less expensive? Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for dropping by Lizzy!

      I’m glad you found the review informative.  Indeed, Legendary Marketer is one of the best online courses I have ever encountered. It’s amazing how much you get for your money. To be honest with you, yes, it’s seems like a lot. However, you pay $2500 one time. It’s an investment in your business. 

      I would also recommend Wealthy Affilliate. There you have the possibility start out for free. But I recommend you sign up there for a premium membership. But here you have to pay $49 monthly. You Can Read More About WA Here

      However, if you like to earn more money as an affiliate, you should consider LM or Exitus Elite where you may earn $1000 per sale.

      You can get a better feeling of Legendary Marketer by taking the 15 days business challenge course. Its only $7 one time.

      Hope this help you take an informed decision. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime.

      All the best,

      Fred Eimhjellen

  6. Legendary Marketer has one of the best affiliate backends I’ve seen. First Legendarygives you the complete funnels for all their front end offers. So if you’re a ClickFunnels user, you can just directly integrate them into your account.Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM nor a Pyramid Scheme, because it has a single-level affiliate payment scheme.Legendary Marketer is not a scam but it is definitely a sure fire way to lose money if you aren’t clever. A lot of people call Legendary Marketer a scam because they join, they pay for one of their higher ticket products, and then they give up after a month. You probably WILL NOT MAKE MONEY in your first few months

    • Thanks for dropping by Zayom! I’m agree 100% on everything you say here. I think the case where people lose their money by investing in their selves and into their business holds true in every opportunities out there. Whether is a $40 product or a $5000 product.

      Majority of people try out a product for a month or two, and then when they don’t make any money, they go to the next thing. But regardless of courses you buy, and what you do online, if you make money in the first months its luck. Every business takes years to build. This holds true for online business as well.

      Never quit your day job before you make 3 times on your online business compare to your day job.

      All the best,


  7. Hello and thanks so much for sharing, this is the first time that I have heard of this business model but from what you are saying it sounds like a real winner to start with a dollar is pretty cool but I notice that the price goes way up from there so it would seem to reach the higher level it would be for those who have that plenty extra. I guess with this price it must be worth every penny. 

    • Thanks for dropping by Norman. It’s like everything else online. Either when it comes to oportunities or tools. You can get the basics for a reasonable price.  However, if you want full access to trainings and tools, it cost money. 

      All the best, 


  8. First of all, I want to say I love what you’re selling here and I love the overall look of your article. I do have issues though.

    I would start with the “Discover how I started an online….” part, my issue here is the fact that this seems like a picture and doesn’t persuade me to do any action. First of all, the font is way too small for me as a visitor to read and decide whether I want to buy or read the article. Secondly, the “Get instant access” button is also small for me to click on. So my advice for you is to increase the font of the “You’re getting access to” part because not everyone who will click on your review would be interested in reading the content. Or at least make the whole picture be clickable so that even if I cannot reach the button, it takes me to the site.

    I see a little redundancy on the heading that says “who is LM for? Who can benefit?”. I would prefer that you choose one question or include a conjunction there like “&”.

    And that’s it from me

    • Thanks for stepping by Xoliswa!

      If you have any questions about Legendary Marketer as a provider of digital learning and education platform, let me know and I wil answer the best as I can. When it comes to the pictures of the article, I agree its not the best choice. But if you click on it, or the headline, you will see the full picture. and the article itself. The picture it self has no other purpose rather than reflect the article… 

      I must admit I’m little confused about the purpose of this comment….

      All the best,


  9. I have come across legendary marketer several times. I can only assume that this program is truly wroth it but, I’m still sort of skeptical. I’ve been scammed out of thousands before, so before making final decisions on joining any opportunity I do my best to review and research them in depth. 

    You mentioned that I could join for free and still earn from their affiliate program. Is that correct? And the pro option, is it $30.00 per month plus whatever the cost of the material is? Or is everything included in the $30.00 per month fee? I guess I’m confused of what exactly is the difference between the free option and the paid option. Is it the commission rate? Or with the monthly fee would I be receiving more training than I would as a free member? 

    I’m sorry about all the questions, you haven’t confused me. It’s just that I’ve seen several different reviews and now I’m not sure what the difference is between the free and monthly paid membership is. Either way, I look forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day!

    • Thanks for your questions Lakisha. No, I have not mentioned it’s free to join. Legendary Marketer is an Online Course provider with several options. The cheapest option to learn affiliate marketing with Legendary Marketer is through this ebook. That cost you $1.99 and you get access to a 15 day business challenge course.

      If you want to promote LM as an affiliate you should be a member for $30 monthly. Then you are eligible for the top commissions. 

      Where you go from here with Legendary Marketer is totally up to you.  You can benefit their products whether you are already in a business, don’t have any business, or if you own your own store.

      All the best, 


  10. Hello, fascinating and comprehensive article. My experience with Legendary is relatively brief. I missed their program because I didn’t understand what they wanted from me, and I got the impression that they were too advanced for me. I joined their plan, which cost 7 USD. At first, I was very excited and ready to work, but then the zoom came to a place where they would call you and ask how you were doing, and then I agreed to greet the times with them, and I was no longer contacted and stayed there. Although I believe they are very good at what they do. However, for me, Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to be right now.

    • Thanks for dropping by Lea!

      LM is a provider of digital courses. They will follow up on you and help you and find out where you’re at and determine your goals and how they can help you to build your business. They have a very great step by step and ways to do things, but for you to have benefit from their courses, you need to follow through.

      As the same as everything else you do online and in life in general. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great program as well to begin with. And you can grow a very long time as long as you follow the program.

      All the best, 


  11. Wow, what an extensive rundown of this!  I had no idea the amount of ways you can earn income online.    As I begin my journey in affiliate marketing and e-commerce, I think education is key and cannot be overstated in terms of continuing to take in inputs that help build upon the last thing you’ve learned.  I’m going to dive into this content and see where the training suits me!

    • Thanks for dropping by mikeawish!

      You’re absolutely right. You need to educate yourself, but the most important thing is to implement what you have learned. Otherwise you will find yourself in a place where your business doesn’t evolve.

      I hope you find it educational. 

      All the best,


  12. Thanks for a very interesting review of Legendary Marketer.  I was exposed to the good ideas of Legendary Marketer a few times, but reading the descriptions in your article once more made it more real for me.   “For anyone who wants to start a profitable business but does not know where to begin” is sure to grab people’s attention.

    I have been looking for a suitable business to get into ever since I retired in 2015.  There always appeared to be a “catch” somewhere even in the most enticing-sounding business ideas.   Legendary Marketer doesn’t appear to have that problem.  I have a feeling that what I’m reading is very believable and, what’s more, completely achievable.   The description of Legendary Marketer a being :  “an online marketing education company, with a catalog of products that resolve around building your own online business – existing or from scratch” makes sense to me.

    What held a particular attraction for me was:  “Discover How I Started An Online Business That Earns High-Ticket Commissions Marketing Valuable Products People Already Want to Buy”.  Yes, that was attractive to me.  Having struggled now for six months trying to promote and advertise products for measly small commissions is not my idea of fun.

    For this reason, I was attracted to this  sentence:    “The Legendary Marketer consists of different products which are available in video training. Some of the content consist of PDF and MP3 as well. “  Now that’s really worth spending one’s time on.

    If you’re wondering what Legendary Marketer is all about, it’s “a Training platform that provides online courses and Affiliate products.  It tells you right up front.  I can’t think of a better writeup .  This program  basically teaches you to make money online.  It’s a very sophisticated system, and I’m going to study everything about it.

    • Thanks for stepping by Monique!

      David Sharpe has absolutely created great products for people who want to build a business online and deliver education to experts even. One of the best alternatives out there in my honest opinion.

      All the best,


  13. Thanks for your article. The Legendary Marketer certainly has a range of products and instruction available. I think there’s everything that an affiliate marketer would ever need to know. But, looking at the cost, it seems like it would be outside of most marketer’s affordability. I have there are more affordable options available.

    • Thanks for stepping by William.

      Yes, Legendary Marketer has a wide range of educational programs, therefore a wide range in prices as well. One of the cheapest one is 15 second free leads. That one will set you back $1. When you say the cost is outside most of the marketers range I guessing you reffering to the products in $12K and more range. Yes, that’s true, but those products are for experts in the field who already making a lot of money.

      You get 4 digital courses for $2500. As a special bonus if you following the steps in the program. One course online costs between $1000 and $4000. For that price, you will get a ton of value. 

      Everyone of us need to ask ourselves how much we are willing to sacrifice in term of investments and time. We need to ask ourselves if we are building a business, or have a hobby where we are satisfied to earn couple of dollars here and there.

      All the best,


  14. Hi Fred,

    Thanks for this detailed article explaining all the benefits and cons of “Legendary Marketer”

    The course curriculum looks awesome, but its sad that so many countries are blocked (including mine) from getting advantage of such a nice training.

    I hope they focus on solving the issues they are facing to make this training available to online business enthusiasts all over the world

    I will be Waiting!!!

    • Thangs for stepping by VJ!

      I’m totally agree with you. Thats the one of the biggest drawbacks with Legendary Marketer. However, there are Alternatives out there for blocked contries. I strongly recommend one of these.

      You can Create Your Own Business With A Website with few simple steps. It’s easier than you might think. Learn how to make money with your site by blogging, doing affiliate marketing, or selling your own products, or services.

      Learn The Top Earner Formula so you can get fresh leads, sales & sign-ups daily, and grow your network marketing business by leveraging the power of the internet.

      Both of these alternatives works worldwide.

      All the best,


  15. This a is very large business model, and I had joined very briefly many years ago while I was looking for an online business.  In reading this article, I understood much more about this program than when I had started years ago, and my understanding of it then, and now I see where it is high ticket products in which I would have to invest in and I could not afford. However, this is an excellent review of this training platform, which shed a better understanding for me in its contents of training.

    • Thanks for stepping by Affiliate for Amazon!

      LM is a provider for different kind of digital courses. You don’t have to invest in the high ticket offers to join LM. You can apply to be an affiliate after taking the 15 days business challenge it costs $7. And you will learn a lot by taking this.

      All the best, 



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