It’s Been One Of Those Days….

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A Typical Monday

This blog post going to be short and sweet. You get to get a glimpse into my daily life today. The thing is that I haven’t had the time or the energy to do proper content marketing today.

But I need to get something done, because of the 30-day challenge I have jumped on. So you can see this post as a diary if you want.

I have hired myself out to an apartment building where I take out the trash bin, sweep the garage floor and waiting for the garbage truck and clean the garbage bin before I go home.

I work for an hour, or so every Monday morning. I wake up, dress up and walk to the apartment building at 6.30 am. Its about 30 minutes walk. I make about $30 for an hour work, so its a good side gig. Too bad its only once a week. I can’t have a regular 9 to 5 because of my chronic back pains so this is a great alternative for me.

Unexpected Visitors

But this Monday was a bit more hectic than usual. Tomorrow we expect visit from the fire department and some other folks from the city to check out the fire alarm system. So me and my fiancee had to clean out the apartment before they come to visit. We used all day cleaning. So no online work for me today. Well, not as usual that is, so this one is just a short insight in my daily life.

Content Marketing

When you struggle with a chronic condition of some sort, your energy level is quite low. Everything drains your energy levels. Even simple daily tasks as taking the dishes. That’s why I have chosen affiliate marketing as my line of work.

I can work in my own pace as much or little as I want. I started out with blogging. I found this to be the smartest thing for me to do, because I don’t like watching myself on videos.

But I know the benefits of doing video marketing. And compare to writing blogs that takes a lot of time to do. Especially because English is not my primary language. I’m from Norway you see.

Always Learn And Adapt

Anyways, I often go through training and courses within affiliate marketing and the network marketing space. Wherever I go, people tell me that if I want success at faster rate and get more traffic, I have to do videos. Shit…. I was hoping it wasn’t that kind of big deal.

Here I am, ready to man up to do it. This is a huge barrier for me. I feel that my English sucks big time, I’m afraid I get so nervous that I forget to get my message across to the viewers and I feel that everything needs to be perfect. Its just who I am. But I know for a fact that this is only in my head.

Choose The Right Mentor

Lately I have gone through-traffic training, TikTok training and YouTube training. Oh boy what a journey and a process. It has given me a whole other perspective on things!

My main affiliate marketing program I recently have joined consists of wonderful instructors. The owner himself is one of the best mentors out there I have ever encountered.

He truly wants you to succeed. He cares about you and give you everything that you need to succeed. Regardless of the business opportunity you are part of. The owner himself and the other instructors within the program has explained the things in a different way than I have experienced before.

Even the points are exactly the same as the other instructors tried to tell me. Some things I actually begin to understand now, and that gives me extra confidence and motivation.

Challenge Yourself

So in a very short time I’m going to focus more on my YouTube channel and my Facebook group and less on my blog. The thing is that I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with my 30 days content challenge, or just begin to do YouTube videos. The main purpose of the challenge is to create content on a regular basis. 30 pieces of content in 30 days. But the first 15 days are based on written content.

It would be fun if I have made 15 days of written content in a row tough. Today I’m at day 8. And I have written 9 articles already and I have made 12 videos on TikTok.

I haven’t written the suggested topics that we were given. I haven’t either post the content on medium as recommended. The reason for that is I wanted to make the content for my blog site.

But who knows, maybe I’m going to challenge my self more and write on medium or other high authority sites instead when I’m done? That’s also something that I think about doing.

Make Yourself A Game Plan

The Things that I have learned thus far in this journey is to focus on one free traffic source and one paid traffic source. And that should be YouTube and Facebook. Its advised to leverage on TikTok as well.

But the point is that if you post on YouTube, your own blog, Pinterest, Instagram etc, you would be a jack of all trades and master of none. Focus on one thing only in the beginning and master it. If I knew all the things that I know today i would focus on YouTube only.

So this is my game plan and the things that I will do in the future:

  1. Post a written keyword focused content on a high authority website like medium
  2. Copy that article to my Facebook group/page
  3. Make a YouTube video of that content
  4. Make a TikTok video about the content and redirect people to that YouTube video

One more important side note. And this is the most important thing about online business. Be consistent. If you want to have this as a business, you need to treat it as a business. That means one piece of content every day. At lest 3 pieces of content at the most minimum. Aim for at least 5. Content is king!

What do you guys think about this strategy? The reason that I think its OK do this strategy is that Google doesn’t like duplicated content. So it would be bad to copy and paste an article from medium to your own blog post or LinkedIn for example. But I think that you can copy the whole article and paste it on to Facebook, because Facebook isn’t a search engine. But medium, LinkedIn and your blog site is.

This way you can re purpose your content and share it several places without Google going to punish you for duplicated content.

Wow, this blog post became much longer than I first expected! I just hope you got something out from it. And if you want to learn more about traffic resources and how you can leverage social media to get traffic, just Watch this FREE Video.

This will complete my blog post. I hope that you have actually discovered a bit more about steps that you can take and make a much better decision whether this service can assist you and your financial resources or not.

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