Is The 7-Figure Franchise A Scam?

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I was surfing around at Quora the other day for a question I was comfortable to answer. Quora is questions /answers forum where you can ask questions about anything and answer any questions you want. It’s a wonderful place to get some free traffic to your affiliate link, website or preferably, your email list.


I’m an affiliate marketer with links to an online retailer, and or, service on my website. When people read what I’ve written about a particular product, and or a service, and then click on those links and buy something from the retailer or signing up to a program, I earn a commission from the retailer or the program. This commission will in no way change the cost to you.

Is The 7-Figure Franchise A Scam?

Anyway, someone asked about the 7-Figure Franchise by Michael Cheney and if it is a scam.

Is 7-figure Franchise a scam? I answered this question. A part of this article is my answer to that question.I write this article in deeper details however.

It’s definitely not a scam. You can make money with the 7-Figure Franchise as any kind of training course.

It’s boils down to how much work you put into your business. Why people tend to not recommend it has to do with the money claim.

Is Money Claims A Sign Of Scams?

People actually don’t know what the 7-Figure Franchise does and how much training you actually get. All product has money claims. Yes, because this is a sales tactic.

All product have money claims.

Do you want to buy a product with this headline “You can easily make $19 dollars with this product” or would you rather buy the one with this headline ” You can easily make $2492 with this product”?

What do you choose?

It’s not necessarily harder to make $2492, but it means you need a higher skill level, and a bigger list. This leads to the main goal with this article.

Inaccurate Reviews Based Upon Commissions

This is an article to address an important topic. Scams. Affiliate marketers all over scream scam all over the internet. Don’t buy product B, it doesn’t work.

It’s a scam. Buy product A instead. Here is the link.

People who don’t recommend a particular product, typically recommend another product instead. Because they make a commission from the product they recommend instead.

The Truth Behind The Numbers

Have you ever thought about products claims that it’s possible to make $500, $1000 $2000, and even more a month, is a scam, or get-rich-quick scheme?

Of course, you have. Despite you really don’t know how the process behind the product is, or who it’s intended for. You have written about it and presented in a way, telling people it’s not possible to make that kind of money, and it’s a scam.

But to make those kind of numbers claimed in any sales letters, in any kind of courses, or products, you need to grow your email list. We talk about 20 000, 30 000, 40 000, 50 000 plus subscribers.

It’s not a problem to make $ 1000s of dollars online if you have a list like that and know how to sell to people.

Let’s say you have an email list consist of 40 000 subscribers.

And 20 of them buys from you. It’s easy to see its possible to make 1000s of dollars online.

If 2 of the 20 buyers buy The 7-Figure Franchise, a product worth of $2000 dollars, and 18 subscribers buys a front end product, like The Commission Machine for $19.95 you have cashed in $2359 that month in commissions.

The thing is that because of claims like you see in the sales letters, it’s easy to say it’s a scam. It seems to be to good to be true.

It’s easy to promote another product instead and say you won’t recommend the product because of hidden fees, high Upsells or ridiculous money claims I have fallen into this trap as well. Because I didn’t know any better, or didn’t know the product.

STOP Lying Just To Make A Sale!

We all know, or at least should know, that the reason people screaming scam, is that they are sceptical about a particular product.

Or they claim it doesn’t work because they earn commissions from another product. That’s the main reason. It’s with business online as any business.

It takes time to make any money. Did you know it takes between 3-5 years before any comercial business starts to make money?

It doesn’t mean you don’t making money online before, however, don’t expect to quit your regular 9 to 5 in couple of months. You build your business. It takes time, consistency and hard work!

People treat the product they promote as the holy grail or something. This makes me sick. Sure, you should give people advice on another product instead IF it doesn’t do what it supposed to do.

Or doesn’t give you what you pay for. Or if it’s surely is a scam. You should know if the product you promote are a better solution.

Don’t promote another product just to make commission. Let people decide for them self. Don’t push it.

You should have the focus on what the product can do for your customers. What it can do to make their lives easier. Guide them to make an informed decision for themselves.

Things To Consider

If you promote Michael’s products in his way you send people to his list. But he also got several trainings on how to build your own list.

He shows you how to drive traffic to your email instead. Michael also teaches you how to make your own product and show you how to promote it and make it ready for product launch.

This includes, but not limited to, how to set up an autoresponder, how to write sales letters, how to follow up with your subscribers through follow up messages and broadcast messages.

A Business Model That Works

Michael Cheney knows what he does. Michael has been in the business for 20 + years. If he was a scammer, or people didn’t buy products, he could not last that long. Michael offer great deal of quality courses. Hours of it. and people buy them and getting success with it.

Michael also offer recurring commissions on front end sales and 50% on deep sales. And he promote those products for you as well. We talk about a lot of high quality products going through several professional developed sales funnels.

Regardless Of Training Course You Chose, Focus On The Right Products

Guess what gives you money as an affiliate marketer? The Upsells, the down sells and the recurring commissions. Yet, people screaming scam because of it…..

Especially you earn big money on the high end products. You can make $20 recurring commissions on the front end products but you can make couple of thousands dollars on the high end offers.

As a franchise member, you don’t only have access to the 7- Figure Franchise, but all of his products he has made and going to make. The only thing you have to do is to drive the traffic to an affiliate link he provided for you. Michael takes care of the rest for you.

So don’t worry about you are totally dependent on Michael’s 7-Figure Franchise by itself to make any money and have a successful and substantial business online.

Main Points Of The 7-Figure Franchise

I have written an overview of The 7-Figure Franchise program before, so in this article I want to focus on the main points.

The 7-Figure Franchise has an amazingly selection of templates you can use for promotion on your website, Facebook page or profile, Twitter and so on. The DFY selection here are superior to anything I have ever seen.

Just grab the link and start promoting.

Here is a tip: Follow Michael Cheney’s  advise on his training on how to get traffic, and how to promote on Facebook and Quora first. Then Twitter.

But don’t rush through everything. The products, and the promos can be overwhelming. Take it step by step, learn what you are told, then take action. Michael have done an amazing job laying everything out for you.

Focus on this in the beginning. Then take it further when you have gotten your feets wet. Follow his training and what he tells you to do. You won’t regret it.

As for affiliate marketers and email marketers who have been in the game for a while, or those with a website and email list, you should drive the traffic to your opt in page.

If you don’t have your own website, you can simply drive the traffic to Michael Cheney’s opt in page and he doing the product promoting for you through his funnels. This includes but not limited to The Commission Machine and the 7-Figure Franchise.

Then he simply pay out your commissions to your PayPal account.

Build Your Own Email List With Subscribers

The reason why you should drive the traffic to your opt in page first is that your goal in this business is to make money, and where is your money? The money is in the list.

And the most important thing is to know what you do with your email list. The high ticket offer is massive and you can earn $1,000 in commission.

Is The 7-Figure Franchise worth the money? YES! Do you get what you pay for?

Set Yourself An End Goal And Make A Plan To Get There

  • What are you pay for?
  • What do you expect from an online product, digital product or an online course?
  • What are your skill level?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are you seeking?
  • Do you want to learn how to build a website from the ground up?
  • Are you looking for a product where you learn how to create your own product to sell?
  • Are you after a course where you learn how to promote other people’s products?
  • Are you looking for someone to show you the best way to get free traffic to your website or quality payed traffic?

You need to find out for your self if you get what you pay for. It depends on YOUR criterias and needs.

When you just starting out, you want to start with the basics. You want someone to show you how you can build a business for FREE!

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