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I was dumb, made a mistake and the result? I was kicked out!

Yhea, if you do mistakes, you get kicked out. As an internet marketer, with interactions in groups, it’s easy to PISS

people off! Normally, you get kicked out of the group, getting a warning, or what ever, but if you do too much, to soon, its game over. You are done!

And if you want to be safe, never, ever, post links Directly on Facebook.

instead, do like this: https://bit.  ly/2PplJBi

(remove the space to get the link)

This is a link to my business page at fb.

you can try it out your self and see how it’s work. Simply copying from the https all the way to 2PpIJBi, paste it into your browser and hit enter.


Why would you do this because it’s an algorithm called edgerank. I will make a blog about it later on…

But it has to do with how many people are going to watch your post. This depends on the content, pictures, videos,

links, age of the post and of course how many people interact with the post. Likes, shares, comments and so on.

So don’t do the same mistakes like I did. Be patient, work towards your goals, promoting your self the RIGHT way from the beginning and make the most of SEO. Search Engine Optimization)

It will benefit you with quality traffic and you need to make the foundation be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Get your traffic and boost YOUR BUSINESS without being kicked out.

Let me show you even more tips and tricks by visiting my website:


Have a wonderful Sunday!

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