How to reuse old blog post and other content

How To Reuse Your Old Content

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Q And A. How To Reuse Old Content.

Question: How  to reuse your old content like blog post, YouTube videos, podcasts and so on?


If you do online marketing, like affiliate marketing, you want to expose your business opportunities to many people as possible. Of course you should have your focus on targeted traffic, but you should never forget about a cold market as well.

Maybe they know of anyone  who are looking for your products, or your services. When it comes to the content you already possess, like a blog post, you can make a YouTube video of it, or you can make a podcast.

If you do podcasts, or YouTube, you can make a written article about the subject.

You can reuse you old content by adding new information, pictures, or videos.

Leverege on several platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Instagram and so on. Have focus on what you like the best and have fun with it.

How to reuse old blog post and other content

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