How To Make Money With Your Phone

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How To Make Money With Your Phone

Need some extra money? You can still use your phone to make some extra money, you know. From selling your photos to doing surveys, there are plenty of ways to make some extra money. All you need is your smartphone and a little patience, and you will already have the money in your hands. Here are some of the methods where I show you how to make money with your phone.

How To Make Money With Your Phone

Some Other Ways Make Money on Mobile Devices

With an increasing number of users turning to their cell phones for almost everything, many users usually wonder how to earn money on phone devices. Let now take a look at some other main ways to make money.

Create A Portable Version Of Your Website

While not necessary, building a mobile version of your site will help increase your conversions. Why is that? One problem with using a site that is not designed for use on mobile phones is that a lot is going on in general with a regular website that the site seems to take a year to resolve. This lifespan often leads users to abandon a site in favor of a site (possibly mobile) that puts them where they want to be much faster.

While users’ patience is limited on regular websites, the problem is even more magnified on cell phones. So the answer is to create a portable version of your site, stripped down to the bare minimum so that it loads quickly. The user can get to where they want to be (and where they want it to be – the result. Desired, whether it is in the purchase or subscription to the newsletter, etc.) as quickly as possible.


Your opinions are valuable, and people will pay you for them. Taking surveys is an easy way to make money with minimal effort. Surveys on the Go is an app that offers you paid surveys, and unlike other platforms, it doesn’t offer you point rewards that you can redeem for cash later, but it does pay you in cash. More than 500 companies are looking for people to share their opinions with, and surveys range from entertainment to shopping. Besides, the app is safe, and your personal information will be safe with them.

Marketing Online

Most phones and mobile devices these days come with text editors, which means you can create content on your phone wherever you are. So if you have a website and want to add some new content, open the text editor and start writing!

You are probably using article marketing. Well, the same thing – fire up the text editor and start writing. If you have accounts in one of the article directories, you may even be able to download your articles from your phone.

If you have a blog and your phone has the capability, you may add new posts directly to your blog. If not, go to your trusted text editor and create a new post there and save it for upload to your blog at a later time or date.

Keep your fans and followers informed of the latest news and products from your business by using your phone to write on your business Facebook wall or to tweet your business followers on Twitter.

Here we have explained how to make money from mobile devices, and there is no reason now that you cannot be productive and promote your business. Therefore, you can make money using your mobile phone or device. The world is changing at a breakneck pace, so position yourself now to take advantage of the boom to come.

Different SMS Marketing Strategies That Work.

For businesses, the cell phone opened a completely different type of advertising strategy. This would be the strategy of mobile marketing using the so-called SMS or Short Message Service. Many companies have found this to be a great promotional tool by offering promotions through a super fast delivery service with lots of customization features if, of course, the recipient has permitted to receive such messages. Here are some of the strategies that marketers use to try to promote their business or products.

For years and years, the coupon has been one of the most popular ways marketers get their customers to buy something, today they can use SMS coupon promotion, and it can be done in different layers. Cell phone numbers can be published on the website, printed out, or direct mail sent. Or, there may be storefronts that entice customers to use their mobile devices to apply for a specific coupon or special offer. Customers will then call the posted number, hear a message, and instantly receive an SMS with the voucher code or discount amount.

A good example is McDonald’s in Australia, which offered its customers the opportunity to win meal vouchers by sending their names to a specific phone number. This would give them a coupon, and the company would then be able to send you future text messages with more promotions. It has been very successful for them with good customer response.

Another strategy is to use polls and surveys to understand better what its customers want and need. It also opens up the possibility to promote their products or services at the same time. They can conduct real-time polls on issues affecting their business. For example, a clothing store might send out a survey asking what type of summer clothing people prefer, colors, sizes, etc. This, in turn, will help the person running the store know what needs to be available in the store for them. Customers or what they can offer online if they sell items online.

There is another strategy used where service reminders are sent to cell phones. Today, you may see many dental offices and medical clinics use this to avoid missed or canceled appointments. It is also a good way to keep in touch with customers who have purchased products that require maintenance to keep working properly. Especially cars to change their oils or tuning them. Take it a step further, and some might even use re connection for services like pest control, lawn service, home repair, and other companies that handle business and repeat clients.

SMS can also be used for a type of communication that can be set up between different companies such as suppliers of supplies and different types of contracts that may be in progress. Overall, SMS is a fast and easy way for businesses and professionals to stay in touch with their clients and clients.


MobileBizOpp is an online platform whose owner is Software Success LLC. If you have always wanted to make some good money online, this platform is perfect for you. This is most especially beneficial to you as a business owner.

Do you want more traffic flowing into your business through online marketing? Am sure your answer is yes, and MobileBizOpp is here just to ensure you achieve exactly what you want.

As a business owner, your main aim should be to create a sturdy and trustworthy relationship with your customers. MobileBizOpp will help you do that. With this platform, you can share your website and social media links, an introductory video, and images of your products and services with your clients. This will help them make an informed decision.

Such videos, links, and images make the customers feel like they already know you, and this will translate directly into increased sales. This is, by far, the easiest and perfect online platform that requires very little capital. However, you are required to understand that you need patience, determination, and commitment to be successful when using this opportunity.

The success of online businesses, such as MobileBizOpp depends on several factors, including:

  • The level of income-making potential
  • Easy-to-follow formula
  • Commitment
  • An upgrade able business model

A combination of the four factors mentioned above guarantees better results in comparison with handling them individually. Many people fail when it comes to commitment because it is time and money consuming. This is why MobileBizOpp was developed to ensure that you don’t indulge in tedious work or spend a lot of money promoting your online business.

MobileBizOpp is a vCard you can share directly from your mobilphone and you doesn’t need a website to make money with it. Only your phone. Your vCard will look like something like this:

How To Make Money With Your Phone

Read More About MobileBizOpp HERE.

Final Words

The first and simple step for starting living your best life might be making cash from your smartphone. With countless ways of making cash through your phone, someone might end messing up without a supportive guide. Thus, consider the above ways to earn some extra cash using your phone successfully. Fore more money making ideas and more information about how to make money with your phone, read this article.

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