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How To Make A Website With WordPress

Website Creation And Uses Of WordPress.

Don’t worry about:

  • FTP files
  • Setting up databases
  • DNS settings and domain registrars
  • Coding with HTML and PHP
  • No worries of uses of photoshop
  • No expensive ad on or programs to buy

As a blogger, website creator for a company or you have your own online store, you need to have options for themes and building the website the way you need it to be.

You need options. And you wish to decide what advertising is relevant to your page or blog. Also, a big advantage is that you are the owner of the content.

Do as MacGyver and find reach out for your Swiss army knife. Are you ready to find out How To Make A Website With WordPress?

What Is WordPress?

The unique thing about WordPress is that WordPress keeps design, content, and functionality separated from each other.

This allows for data portability. WordPress is a Content Management System – (CMS). While that’s not the same as a website builder, it still serves the same purpose of building a website.

A website builder is a tool that lets you drag and drop various items and features into your website.

With a CMS such as WordPress, there are no “drag-and-drop” features available, although you can usually download a plug in. WordPress is free and you have total control of your website.

But the disadvantage is:

  • YOU are in control of security
  • making backups and installing updates.

However, if you take advantage of the hosting services at Wealthy Affiliate you don’t need to worry about those things. It saves you time, money and a lot of headaches.

What are you getting for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate? 

Comparisons of free services VS paid services at Wealthy Affiliate University

Beginners Course At Wealthy Affiliate

The first thing that you should get is your own domain. Just remember, it should be industry specific, specific to your niche.

It should also be short and sweet. Easy to remember. Good for you and good for your readers too.

The next part is to chose a web host. The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that they provide free hosting for all members.

At Wealthy Affiliate in the beginning of making your own website, you can choose from a free domain, a domain you own or register a new domain name.

You can build a website with those easy steps

  1. Choose a domain name for your website
  2. Enter a title for your website
  3. Choose a theme for your website.

Click on the green button to create your website.

Watch The Steps In The Video Below:

create your own website with WordPress

And that’s that. Your website is up and running. Can it be easier than that?

See it for your self how easy it is and what you get!

It's that fast to build your own website

I have mentioned the benefits of the uses of the hosting services at Wealthy Affiliate. But there is also a lot of more benefits for you as a member there as well.

If you are a blogger, writer, business owner, or you want to have your own business, either online or a commercial store, you want to get an edge over all the competitions there is out there.

Learn how to get traffic, how to get indexed by Google, yahoo and Bing, Learn how to get traffic to your blogs and how to get followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Use the advantage there is to be a part of a community of members who already have experience in the field. You also get Access To Jaaxy, That Help You Out To Find Ultimate Keywords!

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Sounds good?

Final Words

Everyone can make money online. I have even show you how to getting started for FREE. How far you are willing to go is totally up to you.

But to succeed online and have it as a full time business you need to follow surten steps, invest in a coach and even pay for advertising and traffic.

Before You Leave…

You should take advantage of this tool below and learn the proper way of making a website, keyword research, and SEO.

That´s important skills to master to succeed with an online business. Try it out and see how easy it is.

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This will complete my blog post, and I sincerely hope you have actually discovered a bit more about the opportunities around this website.

now you should be able to make a much better decision whether some services can assist you and your financial resources or not.

Have you ever tried out online business or building your own website before?

I wish to become aware of your experience by you leaving me a comment below.

Oh, if you have any advice on the topic, please feel free to share them as well.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make A Website With WordPress”
  1. Hi Fred,

    I think WordPress is definitely the go to website builder for online marketers. With all the plugins and functionality, that definitely outweighs the issue of doing your own backups from time to time.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place for newbies to get started too. They have some of the best learning content you can find.


    1. Hi Wadud. Thanks for dropping by. WordPress is THE platform for bloggers, affiliate marketers, business owners all alike.

      Backups ain’t even an issue. It’s fast and easy to do. Just hit the export button, download the file to computer and done. Easy as that!

      The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that it is a wonderful platform for beginners and experts as well.

  2. Thank you Fred for sharing about WordPress. I wish I found your article ten years ago. When I first signed up with free WordPress, it took me a while to understand the layout. There was a huge learning curve that took me a long time to learn. Although, WordPress is getting easier for users (or is it me understanding it more?), there are constant updates, syntax, plugins, and technical stuff.

    Finding the right hosting site is most of the battle to assist with WordPress. You are totally right about Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member. They free me from the technical aspect of WordPress so I can dedicate my time to create and make money. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Ha —

    1. Thanks for dropping by Ha. It’s true, WordPress was a pain in the a… But it is very easy compared to what it was. But the thought about it is difficult to use and in need of technical knowledge is still in peoples minds.

      Of course, when you use it regularly, you become an expert using it.

      Wealthy Affiliate makes hosting, security and backup a breeze. Plus you don’t need to worry about downtime at all. And if you need technical support, they are there 24/7. Just for those services it’s worth being a premium member. I am, and I have no regrets.

  3. Hi Fred,
    Love your article about WordPress and I think it is indeed one of the best website builders in the world, and I can’t wait to build one by it!

    I am glad to hear you also recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its website hosting service and it seems worth my time and effort investing in it.

    Anyway, your post is short but powerful. I think it answers my concern for Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks a lot. 🙂


    1. Hello Matt. First I want to wish you a happy new year and say thank for dropping by.

      WordPress is a big player in the field and have lots of possibilities to make an awesome website for your business.

      Wealthy Affiliate are great way to gather your whole business in one place. It’s fast, reliable and it works.

      Plus you have 24/7 assistance if you need any help. Where else can you get all this in one place?

      As long as the post was helpful, I’m glad you find it useful.

      I wish you a wonderful weekend.

      All the best,

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