5 Ways To Make money On Instagram

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5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

You don’t have to be famous or even show your face online for each of these methods. I’m going to show you 5 ways to make money on Instagram. I’m going to start with the easiest method and then move on to the ones that need a little bit more experience.

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Make Money On Instagram – Shoutouts

The first and easiest method to make money on Instagram is growing, a theme account and then selling shout outs. A shout-out is basically another term for a promotion. Someone pays you to post on your Instagram account people buy shout outs for many different reasons.

Most of them just want to promote their product on your Instagram account to your followers. However, some of them just want to post on your account, so they can get more exposure to grow their own Instagram account. Most people use the DMs to contact you.

You agree in a price and schedule everything there, but there are other ways like listing your account on a website or other platforms so they can contact you there and also pay you through that platform. Selling shout outs is, in my opinion, the easiest way to make money on Instagram, because there really isn’t much skill required.

They contact you, you tell them the price, then they send you the payment and the post, and then you post it.

The hardest part of this is actually growing the audience unless you already own one or multiple Instagram accounts with thousands of followers. It’s going to take time to build up that follower account, so you can actually start to sell shout outs. You start to get shout out requests at around 10k followers.

The basic methods to get 10k followers is to use the follow, unfollow method and then transition to a method where you just post viral content a couple of times a day. You can begin with selling shout outs for like fifteen dollars. Then, as the followers grew, you could ask more for a single shout out.5 Ways To Make money On Instagram

Flipping Instagram Accounts

Next, so, let’s move on to the second way you can make money on Instagram, which is flipping Instagram accounts. This means that you buy existing Instagram accounts, a relatively low price and then resell it at a higher price. The difference in price will then be your profit. The reason why this works quite well is that most people don’t really know what an account is worth. They’re willing to sell for a quite low price and buy for a very high price.

And the second reason is that many people just want to get rid of an account fast, because it takes them up a lot of time to keep it going because they have to keep posting content. I would suggest you start with a small budget that you’re comfortable playing around with.

Don’t go all in the beginning, because you need to build up your knowledge first, so you can tell the difference between a good deal and a bad deal. That’s the key to make money here.

Be aware that there are a lot of scammers in this business, so never just trust, somebody that you don’t know. Use a third party for the transactions.

Growing And Selling Instagram Accounts

The third way you can make money on Instagram that I want to share with you is by growing and selling theme accounts. What you do is you grow accounts from scratch in niches like fitness, travel, food and so on, and you can do all of that by using an automation software, so you can set it up once and then just wait until the accounts are big enough.

So you can sell them for a nice profit when you sell them. You can just list them separately on websites and forums like Fame, swap or social trader. For example. Growing accounts alone is a lot more passive than actively selling shout outs.

Instagram client management system

you can make money on Instagram, by using Instagram client management system – which is a recurring revenue business model where you can charge your clients on a weekly or monthly basis for your service.

For example, you can run an Instagram growth service, together with a partner, or alone, where you use your expertise in automatic Instagram accounts to get clients, real and relevant followers, so they can grow their business and brand, but you can also offer a different service, for example, managing content.

Managing ads or reaching out to influencers, you can basically create a service for whatever people like to outsource. This is actually one of the fastest ways you can make a full-time income with Instagram, because you don’t need a crazy amount of clients to make good money.

For example, if you charge $150 per month per client, you only need 20 clients to make $3000,000 per month. If you offer a full Instagram management service, including content strategy and stuff, like that, businesses will gladly pay you a thousand dollars per month.

So, depending on your service, you only need three clients to get to $3000,000 per month, and if you have a good service that actually gets your clients results, you don’t even have to go out to find new clients, because they will actually come to you, because your existing clients are recommending your service.

The fifth way of making money on Instagram is consulting. It’s very straightforward.

consulting Services

You just get in contact with potential clients, you tell them your hourly rate and then you set up a time to get on a call. There’s definitely a lot of demand for information about how to grow, Instagram account and how to do marketing on Instagram. The reason consulting is last on this list is that you need good experience in the Instagram business so that you can actually offer consulting that your clients can benefit from.

That’s why I do not recommend to start with consulting before you’ve become experienced and successful in something. Only then you should offer paid consulting. You’ll only get paying clients if you can actually show that you know what you’re talking about and that you have been successful in what you teach.

So you have to put yourself out there in some sort of way to get in contact with people. Giving away free information on a platform like YouTube is a great way to build an audience and also to build trust, so that people are actually willing to pay for one-on-one coaching.

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